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Yugma Pro Review

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PROS / The screen sharing feature works on any desktop platform.

CONS / There are no polling or chat features.

 VERDICT / Yugma Pro may be a great service for very small businesses as an introduction to web conferencing.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Web Conferencing here.

Yugma Pro

The best online conferencing services should have a focus on both screen sharing and collaboration. Yugma Pro does both. This web conferencing service continues to expand in terms of features, on the path to making the process of running a meeting easier on the presenter. The simplicity comes with this online conferencing service's compatibility to share your desktop with other platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Participants using any computer have the ability to take control of the presentation and run the keyboard tools.

There is a notable omission with this virtual meeting service. There is no current webcam integration through the service directly. However, if you do install Yugma SE, you can use a current Skype account with the service. By doing this, it enables every participant to access Skype every time the participants log in to Yugma. You can then use your Skype contact list for quick invites.

Beyond the Skype integration, we found a few more disappointments in this web meetings service's video features. Yugma Pro is missing what we normally consider standard practice in online conference services, with its lack of user polling and public and private chat. In addition, each participant will need Java to run the web meetings. While the one-time installation won't be much of an issue in repeated use, it makes the process more difficult if you are making a sales call, for instance.

Yugma allows you to share your computer screen in real time with your audience so they can see exactly what you see. This allows you to get almost anything done that you would do during an in-person meeting. However, by using a web conference for remote employees, clients or business partners, you save money and time.

Yugma offers full 128-bit AES end-to-end encryption for all data communications, eCommerce and authentication-related information transactions. Additionally, client downloads of Yugma are certified by VeriSign, protecting both clients and meetings' content from potential threats.

Yugma provides several options for technical assistance and resources. There are training modules that highlight the tools and features, explaining the ins and outs of their use. The website hosts a detailed FAQs page, PDF reference guides, moderated forums and a service status tracker to give you oversight over the status of your issues. This company also lists email and telephone information for assistance and inquiries.


Yugma Pro is an easy-to-use web conferencing program that excels in real-time screen sharing with anyone. It has room to grow with its video and webcam features, however. Although it does allow for Skype integration, that feature requires an extra software download.

Yugma Pro