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One of the most exciting moments of Christmas is when you open a box and find a brand new video game console waiting for you. The PlayStation 4 launches just in time for the holidays and gamers are foaming at the mouth for this console. Sony packs some of the best technology in this console, and with an improved controller and interface, gamers will enjoy playing it for years to come. The PS4 is the best Christmas gift for gamers this year.

If you can keep this console a surprise, your gamer will shriek for joy and run laps around the house on Christmas morning. When the smoke clears and you get the PS4 plugged in, you'll have access to several multimedia apps, games and social features. Thanks to its many features, the PlayStation 4 can become your family's multimedia hub.

Unlike some Christmas gifts, the PlayStation 4 will keep your family entertained for years to come. Based on previous PlayStation consoles, you can bet that the PS4 will last for several years: The PlayStation was active for 11 years, the PlayStation 2 was active for 12 years, and the PlayStation 3 is still active after seven years. At the console's launch, the PS4 will have over 20 games, but many of them are also available on the PlayStation 3. Of the new PS4 games, we are particularly excited for the family-friendly "Knack" and the first-person shooter "Killzone: Shadow Fall." In order to play online, you have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. As when it was first introduced on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Plus still gives you one PS4, PS3 or Vita game every week for as long as you pay for the service. Multimedia apps and social features will not require a Plus subscription.

Right now, the PlayStation 4 is only available in black. It comes with a black Dual Shock 4 controller and a headset. While the new controller is a major improvement from previous designs, the headset is an uncomfortable pair of earbuds. There are some apps that require the PlayStation 4 Camera, and while this peripheral is a major improvement from previous versions, it is an expensive accessory. Fortunately, if you own a PlayStation Vita, the PS4 integrates the Vita as an optional controller.

The PlayStation 4 is an always-on console, and when you stop playing a game, you can set the console to sleep. Then, when you're ready to play again, you can pick up right where you left off, instead of watching all of the splash screens that remind you who developed and published the game. You can also share your gameplay by recording video or by asking a friend to take control over the internet and help you play through a certain section. All downloads are in the background, so you no longer have to wait for system and game updates before you can play. Finally, you can purchase games online or with your smartphone, and your PS4 will automatically start downloading the game. Extra features like these keep you in the game.

The PlayStation 4 is the best Christmas gift for gamers. It introduces gamers to a new generation of consoles and games. Some apps require the PlayStation 4 camera, but this peripheral has limited use at launch. It is a Christmas gift that will blow the socks off your gamer and keep your whole family entertained.