Pros / This dehumidifier has a drain pump that continually drains water from the unit.

Cons / It doesn't come with some automatic features, such as auto shut-off and restart.

 Verdict / The DeLonghi DD50P works well in mid-size to large areas, such as a kitchen or garage. It effectively removes unwanted moisture using less energy than other dehumidifiers.

The DeLonghi DD50P dehumidifier removes excess moisture in an energy-efficient manner. It's best suited for large rooms up to 1,000 square feet in size like a great room, kitchen or garage. It lacks some features that make maintenance easier, like auto shut-off; however, it is effective at removing humidity.

The DeLonghi has a somewhat limited moisture removal capacity compared the best dehumidifiers. It's capable of extracting up to 50 pints of water from the air in a 24-hour period. The collection reservoir holds 12.7 pints of water. If you have a high humidity area, that means you will be emptying the bucket often. It does have a visible water-level window so you can see how much water has collected in the bucket. It also has a full-bucket alert that notifies you when the water bucket has reached maximum capacity.

And for those who don't want to constantly monitor the water levels of their dehumidifier, the DeLonghi has one exceptional benefit: It includes a drain pump so you can have your dehumidifier anywhere in your home, and it will pump the water away from the area, even if it needs to pump upwards to empty into a sink or out a basement window.

The DeLonghi DD50P dehumidifier features a digital display panel that controls the entire unit. On it, you can use the humidistat to set the desired level of humidity. This dehumidifier does not have an automatic restart and shut-off feature, but it does have a timer. In other words, it does not automatically turn back on if your electrical power goes out, and it does not turn off unless you manually shut it off or set the timer. You can set the timer, and it will turn the machine off after that set amount of time.

The DeLonghi was built for cool areas and works well as a basement dehumidifier. It can withstand temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and has an automatic defrost feature that prevents water in the device from freezing.

Some dehumidifiers use approximately 750 watts of energy when operating, but this model uses 675 watts, which translates into a smaller utility bill. The DeLonghi DD50P is Energy Star certified.

The DeLonghi dehumidifier weighs 40 pounds and is bulky. It has four caster wheels that make it easy to move. On the slower setting, the dehumidifier is fairly quiet. However, if you want to dehumidify a room quickly, it makes a lot of noise on the high setting.

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  • Daily Moisture Outtake
  • Collection Reservoir
  • Dehumidification Area
  • Noise Level
  • Weight
  1. The total amount of moisture the unit can pull from the air within a 24-hour period.
    More is Better.
  2. 9  DeLonghi
    50.0 pints
  3. 70.0 pints
  4. 70.0 pints
  5. 50.0 pints
  6. Category Average
    65.56 pints


The DeLonghi dehumidifier presents an energy-efficient model that can dehumidify large areas within a short amount of time and includes the convenience of a drain pump. While it lacks some features that make it self-maintaining, it still requires little maintenance on your part and effectively removes excess moisture from your home.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Comfort & Safety

Auto Shut Off
Auto Restart
Auto Defrost
24-Hour Timer
Full Bucket Alert
Visible Water levels

Design & Dimensions

Digital Display
Removable Air Filter
Weight (pounds)
Depth (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)

Efficiency & Energy Use

Daily Moisture Outtake (pints)
Collection Reservoir (pints)
Dehumidification Area (square feet)
Noise Level (decibels)
Energy Star Qualified
Continuous Draining
Drain Pump

Warranties & Support

Labor Warranty
1 Year
Parts Warranty
1 Year
Sealed System Warranty
4 Years
Online User Manual
Phone & Email