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Best dehumidifiers 2022

Best dehumidifiers 2022
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The best dehumidifiers can make a world of difference if your home suffers from condensation, damp or mold. Dehumidifiers from brands such as GE, Pro Breeze and Soleus work quietly and efficiently to take in humid air and extract the moisture into a tank, before circulating the dry air back into the room. 

The best dehumidifiers come in different shapes and sizes – if you need a dehumidifier for a bigger room or basement then look out for a more powerful model with a water reservoir capable of holding the excess moisture and dampness from a larger area. These premium dehumidifiers also come with extra fan speeds, as well as the ability to drain the water away through a hose.

If you just need a dehumidifier for a small space then there are plenty available to use in bathrooms, RVs and even in closets – these are usually more affordable to buy too, coming in at under $50, and while the bigger models in our best dehumidifiers roundup can cost over $100. For the quality of air in your home it will be worth every penny. 

Dehumidifiers are also an excellent solution if you live in an apartment with few windows or need to dry laundry indoors, in fact using a dehumidifier as your laundry dries can speed up the drying process as well as rid your clothes of the damp smell often associated with indoor drying. For even more ways to get healthy air at home, then check out our guides to the best humidifiers and the best air purifiers too. For now here are our top picks of the best dehumidifiers for all types of room in your home.

1. Soleus Air DSX-70EMW-01: Best dehumidifier overall

Best dehumidifiers: Soleus Air DSX-70EMW-01 Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Home Depot)

A smart dehumidifier with pre-programmed humidity levels

Reasons to buy
+Sleek design  +Smart-enabled 
Reasons to avoid
-No pump  -Heavy  

Removing up to 70 pints of water a day, the Soleus Air DSX-70EMW-01 Dehumidifier delivers everything you’d expect from a large capacity model and more. The only model in our round up that’s WiFi-enabled, the Soleus Air DSX-70EMW-01 can be programmed from your phone and allows you to create schedules that suit you. 

The Soleus Air DSX-70EMW-01 is Energy Star-rated and also features MyHome Mode, which has a selection of pre-programmed humidity levels that are optimum for each of the rooms in your home. With handy wheels so that you can move this model around, the Soleus Air doesn’t have an in-built pump so you will have to manually empty its water tank. 

With all the smart features and a large capacity, this dehumidifier offers good value and a great option for removing lots of moisture in areas such as basements, large rooms or whole homes. 

2. GE APEL45LY Dehumidifier: Best dehumidifier with a pump 

Best dehumidifiers: GE APEL45LY Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Home Depot)

A simple to use dehumidifier that's quiet when in use

Reasons to buy
+Integrated pump +Quiet when in use+Hidden rollers for easy movement 
Reasons to avoid
-Larger capacities are available  

Adding convenience with an in-built pump, the GE APEL45LY Dehumidifier will take care of emptying its water tank with very little effort on your behalf. 

Collecting up to 45 pints of water a day, this dehumidifier has an LED digital display, auto shut-off, and is also Energy Star-rated. Other great features about the GE dehumidifier are the three different fan speeds, its dark finish, and how quiet it is when operating. 

What it does lack, however, are smart features so that you can control it from your phone which would make this model even more attractive.

3. Frigidaire FAD704DWD: Best dehumidifier for basements 

Best dehumidifiers: Frigidaire FAD704DWD

(Image credit: Lowe's)

A large capacity dehumidifier or tackling moisture in basements

Reasons to buy
+Removes up to 70 pints of water a day  + Helps control allergens  
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t have a pump  - Doesn’t have a 24-hour timer 

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of water a day, so it’s ideal for large areas or damp basements. The water reservoir is large but this model doesn’t have a pump, so emptying out the tank will be pretty heavy. 

This dehumidifier is also missing a 24-hour timer and auto defrost modes but it is Energy-Star rated. Its sturdy design and casters mean it’s relatively easy to move around should you need to change the rooms you use it in. The Frigidaire FAD704DWD is also a quiet model and the sealed system of the humidifier is protected by an extended warranty. 

4. Keystone KSTAD504D: Best dehumidifier for energy efficiency

Best dehumidifiers: Keystone KSTAD504D Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Want a great dehumidifier for larger rooms? Try this one

Reasons to buy
+ Energy Star rated + Quiet  + Auto shut-off 
Reasons to avoid
- No pump  - Cheaper models are available  

The Keystone dehumidifier is great for removing moisture from rooms up to the size of 4,500 square feet. It doesn’t come with a pump but it can collect up to 50 pints of water in one day. Handy features include an LED display, full bucket alert, and auto shut-off when the water tank reaches full capacity. 

There are three useful functions: auto, turbo, and normal and there’s also an alert when the filter needs cleaning - helping you to stay on top of the maintenance of the unit. The dust filter is removable so that you can take it out and give it a good clean, too. 

Energy Star-rated, this model will also auto-restart if there’s a power outage, remembering all of your settings in the process. 

5. Pro Breeze PB-02-US: Best dehumidifier for bathrooms

Best dehumidifiers: Pro Breeze PB-02-US Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Home Depot)

A reliable dehumidifier for smaller spaces, including wardrobes and RVs

Reasons to buy
+ Great value + Portable  + Quiet  
Reasons to avoid
- No pump - Only one fan speed  

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier that can tackle moisture in huge basements or rooms in your house, then the Pro Breeze PB-02-US Dehumidifier is not the one. However, this dehumidifier is not designed to take on huge rooms. Instead, this model will be a great fit for bathrooms, wardrobes, or small spaces that don’t require a huge capacity dehumidifier. 

The Pro Breeze dehumidifier is energy efficient and operates really quietly, making it ideal for small offices too. An LED light will let you know when the Pro Breeze’s tank needs emptying and although there isn’t an in-built, with a much smaller tank, you wouldn’t really need one. 

How to maintain a dehumidifier 

Foremost amongst the tasks you should regularly undertake to keep your dehumidifier in top condition is empty the collection tank frequently and clean it out with soap and warm water or disinfectant. Like a humidifier, mold and mildew can build up quickly where water is stored, and any impurities inside the machine can get dispersed into the air.

Secondly, be sure to clean the intake and exhaust grills at least once a season with a vacuum and brush attachment to help improve the longevity of the system. And, while we’re talking about exhausts, be sure to maintain at least a 6-inch gap between the back of the dehumidifier and the wall so the exhaust is not blocked, which could cause the machine to overheat.

And, thirdly, always make time to check the dehumidifier’s humidistat and adjust it when necessary to keep the humidity levels between a safe 40 and 50 percent.

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