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Pros / Friedrich’s dehumidifier comes with a pump to help with the continuous water draining option.

Cons / The dehumidifier loses the previous settings if it is manually shut off.

 Verdict / With a continuous water drainage feature, a large capacity and automatic features, this dehumidifier makes it easy to remove humidity from your home.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The Friedrich D70BP is a 70-pint dehumidifier that effectively removes excess moisture in a decent-sized area using minimal energy. Friedrich earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for its helpful drainage system ease of use, and the minimal work required to operate it, making it one of the best dehumidifiers.

  • Daily Moisture Outtake
  • Collection Reservoir
  • Dehumidification Area
  • Noise Level
  • Weight
  1. The total amount of moisture the unit can pull from the air within a 24-hour period.
    More is Better.
  2. 2  Friedrich
    70.0 pints
  3. 70.0 pints
  4. 50.0 pints
  5. Category Average
    64.0 pints

Efficiency & Energy Use

When determining what makes the best dehumidifier, performance is a major factor. This Friedrich dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from a room in a 24-hour period. Additionally, it is capable of dehumidifying rooms that reach up to 1,300 square feet, which is a smaller space than one handled by out top-rated home dehumidifier. However, it is nonetheless a good-sized area for a dehumidifier, especially when considering how much unwanted moisture this device extracts from the atmosphere every day.

The unit includes a 16.2-pint water collection bucket. This bucket is larger than the collection bucket included with many other modes, so it reduces the number of times you have to empty water from the machine. The dehumidifier also has a full-bucket indicator light to notify you when the device’s reservoir is full, and the bucket has convenient handles to make it easy to manage.

You can opt to not use the collection bucket and use the continual drain feature instead. You connect a hose to the back of the Friedrich D70BP and allow it to release water into a nearby drain This makes it an ideal basement dehumidifier since many basement have floor drains. If you don’t have a floor drain in your home, you can use the pump that comes with the Friedrich D70BP that pushes water upwards, so you could put the hose into a sink drain or even outside a window.

While the device has different fan settings, even the lowest setting makes a lot of noise. It is not a quiet dehumidifier, so you may not want to use it in a bedroom. Additionally, it produces some heat after prolonged use, which can make a small room uncomfortable.

Comfort & Safety

The auto restart, auto shutoff, auto defrost and 24-hour timer all are located on the display panel. The auto restart feature allows the dehumidifier to retain its settings and resume functioning if it is interrupted by a power outage. There is one drawback: If you turn off the dehumidifier and then turn it back on manually, it returns to its default settings, which includes the fan cycling at the highest speed. The auto shutoff turns the device off after your humidity levels reach the humidistat’s desired setting.

The auto defrost feature allows you to keep the dehumidifier in colder spots, as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it more versatile and capable of serving as a dehumidifier for a cool basement or garage.

The defrost feature turns on automatically to prevent the unit and water in the water collection reservoir from freezing. The 24-hour timer works in two ways: You can leave the machine running and set it to turn off, or you can leave it off and set it turn on at a certain point during the day.

Design & Dimensions

The dehumidifier has a sleek digital display that controls all of the auto features. You can set the humidistat to fit your preferred humidity level and it will work automatically. The screen displays temperature settings and humidity levels.

The unit features a removable air filter so that while the machine is removing moisture from the air, it’s also filtering it. This makes the machine a good option for allergy sufferers as it cleans the air and removes some bacteria. Since it is removable, the filter is easy to clean or replace.

The Friedrich D70BP dehumidifier weighs 47 pounds when empty. This is the heaviest of the dehumidifiers we reviewed, but that is to be expected from a heavy-duty, whole house dehumidifier. There are built in caster wheels to make it more portable.

Warranties & Support

This dehumidifier is backed by a one-year warranty on its parts and labor, assuming that the device is used in a normal fashion in a home. You also get a five-year warranty covering the sealed system, which often is the most expensive part to repair.

If you need to contact customer service about the warranty or any other issues you may have with your Friedrich dehumidifier, you can speak to a representative either by telephone or through email. We found a lot of helpful information in the online user guide, too.


The Friedrich D70BP is a 70-pint dehumidifier that can help make your home healthier since it removes excess moisture that can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It also makes rooms more comfortable since you can avoid a sticky, wet environment, and this is certainly worthwhile as far as protecting your home, furniture and other possessions from the negative effects of excess humidity.

Its useful features make it one of the best dehumidifiers on the market, including continuous water drainage and auto features that make it simple to run. This is an energy-efficient dehumidifier that can handle humid climates and will last a long time.

Friedrich D70BP Visit Site