There are a number of reasons to cover your pool. In areas where a pool is not usable year round, winter pool covers help to keep pools cleaner and safer around children. Covering a pool when not in use helps keep the water from evaporating, stop the chemicals from leaching out and reduce the amount of time spent doing maintenance. Some pool covers include the Arctic Armor 18 x 36 Ultra Light Pool Cover, Meyco 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover and Midwest Canvas 18ft Round Protector Winter Pool Cover.

Using pool covers saves on energy costs since a cover helps retain heat, reducing the energy needed to run your pool heater. In unheated pools, a solar cover raises the water temperature, making it more comfortable for swimmers. Pool covers also keep debris from entering the water, reducing the amount of time needed to run the filter, which saves energy costs.

Pool Covers: What to Look For

Pool covers are available in many materials, fastener types, sizes and with different warranties. Durability and strength of a pool cover are important consideration as well as rustproof anchors and fasteners. Learn what is available to choose the right one for your pool.

Pool covers may be made of mesh or solid materials. Common materials include coated fabric, mesh or flexible plastic such as vinyl, or polypropylene, normally in the form of a resin. Mesh pool covers are lighter weight, while solid pool covers provide more protection against light to inhibit algae growth. A major difference is that water cannot accumulate on the top of a mesh cover but can on many solid covers.

Many pool covers come with grommets to attach cords or cables as tie-downs. Others covers are oversized, using water-filled tubes or some other type of weight to hold the cover in place. Solar covers have no anchors and float on the surface. Pools equipped with automatic or semi-automatic in-ground pool covers do not require anchors since they run along a track. In pool covers with grommets, rust-resistance can be an important consideration. The underside of a pool cover can also be important, since a darker underside on some covers provides more algae-growth resistance.

Pool & Cover Size
Solar covers fit inside the pool, while others overlap the edges by several feet to allow for tie-downs or weights. You can also have custom pool covers made to fit. The size you choose depends on the type of pool you own, the type of cover you want and how you want to secure the pool cover.

You find warranties for pool covers from short coverage to many years. These warranties generally are much longer for more costly, better-made covers.

Pool covers provide protection and can lower maintenance and the cost of chemicals for your pool. Finding one that suits your needs is simpler if you know what options are available.

All-Safe Automatic Review

The All-Safe Automatic Pool Cover is available with different types of tracks to suit your needs and, while this type of pool cover cannot fit every pool shape, it is possible to use it for shapes other than rectangular pools. The nylon cover manufacture uses a molten process that resists fading, chlorine damage, algae growth and ultraviolet rays. This automatic pool cover also retains the heat in the water better than other types and can save on the cost of running a filter because of less cleanup, less evaporation and lower losses of chemicals.

Some automatic pool covers offer few options when it comes to tracks for your pool. Tracks that you can get with this pool cover come in a top or undertrack type or deck-mounted option. It also comes in a semi-automatic version that works well for pools in areas at the back of the property where running electric service might not be a consideration. For this motorless type, a drill operates the cover. The other type of track is a manual one that you use a crank to operate.

Construction of this pool cover uses a molten nylon process, unlike many in-ground pool covers that use lamination for extra protection. This type of process exceeds the specifications of laminated processes.

While many pool covers require some type of anchor system, this automatic cover has a built-in system consisting of a motor and rope reels that work with either a key or your cell phone. The motor for this pool cover is submersible and waterproof. It has an auto stop and is two-directional. The electric cables are watertight and have a torque limiter to prevent overload. The rope reels have brass bushings and require no maintenance.

Automatic pool covers can take several weeks for customization. This is because the company sends someone to your house to measure and make recommendations for the most appropriate type of pool cover for your setup. Installation normally takes about one day. This pool cover comes with a six-year warranty on the fabric and a 10-year warranty on the motor.

This high-quality pool cover uses a molten nylon process that reduces shrinkage and protects your pool. The waterproof motor is two-directional with auto stop and combines with watertight electric cables and maintenance-free rope reels with brass bushings for long use. When you are looking at retractable pool covers, you may want to check out the All-Safe Automatic Pool Cover.

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Arctic Armor 18 x 36 Ultra Light Review

The Arctic Armor 18 x 36 Ultra Light Pool Cover is a combination of lightweight maneuverability plus long-lasting use due to the quality of construction and materials. These pool covers come in a choice of blue or green, and include a bag for storage.

These winter pool covers provide protection for that time of the year when the pool is not going to be in use for an extended period. This pool cover keeps the water clean by preventing algae buildup while the pump and filter are off and allows for less maintenance and expense when you reopen the pool. One nice feature is that a drain in the center captures dirt, leaves and other debris while keeping water from accumulating on the top.

Constructed of polypropylene mesh, the cover is resistant to sun degradation, mildew and mold, entities that slow down cleanup and add to the expense of pool operation. Even when torn or accidentally cut, polypropylene mesh does not unravel. This makes it a good source of material for these pool covers. In addition, you allow water to accumulate on the covers. The water, which drains slowly through the center drain, can help hold the cover in place in the event of high wind or inclement weather.

A nice feature of these pool covers is that the brass anchors are impervious to rust from contact with rain or pool water. Corrosion resistant stainless steel in the accompanying springs provides for long-term use without any problem.

This 20 x 38 feet pool cover is the appropriate size for an 18 x 36 feet in-ground pool. The extra two feet of allowance of mesh all the way around allows the cover to overlap the edges of the pool for anchoring and prevents dirt and debris from getting into the pool from the sides.

The warranty that comes with these in-ground pool covers has pro-rata coverage, which is 100 percent for the first three years and covers workmanship and materials. Warranty coverage drops to 60 percent in the fourth year and then drops five percent for each succeeding year.

The Arctic Armor 18 x 36 Ultra Light Pool Cover offers quality features and materials for a pool cover that provides good protection and saves in cleanup costs when you reopen your pool. In addition, these pool covers allow you to close and open your pool with less effort lifting the cover due to the lower weight.

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GLI Pool Products Aquacover Estate 24-Ft. Review

The GLI Aquacover Estate Solid Winter Cover provides protection for your pool through the winter months with tough polyethylene material that does not tear, crack or split. In addition, the lightweight fabric makes it handy to place on the pool and remove, so you can use it to cover your pool whenever you go on vacation or other times you need to close your pool. As with some other aboveground pool covers, you have less cleanup in the spring and lower energy costs since you do not have to run your pool filter to remove built-up mold and mildew that may accumulate without a cover.

This round pool cover measures 27 feet and is large enough to fit a 24-foot pool, leaving enough extra overlap to secure the edges. The edging is double-folded for extra strength. The polyethylene fabric for this pool cover provides protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun to prevent deterioration and gives your pool cover added strength and durability. One important feature is the double stitching that is resistant to deterioration from the chemicals and water in your pool as well as damage from the sun shining on the pool.

Reinforced seams help to make such winter pool covers stronger and more wear resistant. In addition, this green cover is black on the bottom, a nice feature to assist in preventing accumulation of mildew or mold, as both need the presence of light to grow. This lightweight pool cover also means that it is more convenient to fold for storage when not in use and takes up less space in your garage or storage shed.

Many aboveground pool covers have metal grommets that you use to secure your pool cover with a cable and winch, and so does this pool cover. This system allows you to tighten the cable around the pool's perimeter by looping the cable through the grommets and cinching it. It keeps your pool cover tighter than just tying it by hand so less debris can blow under the cover. A limited warranty of three years comes with this pool cover with a reduced warranty for an additional 10 years.

This pool cover has tough, wear-resistant fabric, edges and stitching for extra durability, and a cable and winch system closure to protect your pool during the winter months. When you are searching pool covers for your aboveground pool, you may want to look over the GLI Aquacover Estate Solid Winter Cover.

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Intex 15ft X 10in Round Review

The Intex 15ft x 10in Round Pool Cover keeps the water in your pool clean when it is not in use by keeping leaves and debris out. The design of this pool cover is made especially for round inflatable pools, unlike most aboveground pool covers, and uses a different type of closure that will not damage the pool walls.

Constructed of seven-gauge polyvinyl chloride for strength and durability, the cover has small drain holes to prevent water from accumulating on the top to make it more convenient to place on and remove. However, the drain holes are not large enough to allow dirt and debris to enter. The 10-inch overlap on this pool cover may be adequate for some individuals to work with, but some pool covers come with a larger overlap that might be a consideration.

Closure for this pool is by the use of a rope tie. After you put the pool cover in place, you pull on the rope ties to tighten it. Usually, the cover fit is snug enough that tightening the fit around the side the way you would with a cable and winch might not be necessary.

This pool cover measures 15 feet in diameter with a 10-inch overlap. However, the measurement is for the bottom diameter, not the top. Since these are snug fitting winter pool covers, you will want to make careful measurements to avoid ordering the wrong size. Because this design is for inflated pools, it might not fit properly on metal-sided or other types of aboveground pools, so it may be a good idea to check first.

The company has 30-day return policy for this pool cover and states that it must be back in the warehouse by then if you decide you don’t want it. For returns, it has to be in the original package and in good condition. For refunds or replacements, you must contact customer service and pay the shipping cost yourself. Considering the pool cover weight is 10.72 pounds that might be a consideration for some.

This pool cover for inflatable aboveground pools is made of polyvinyl chloride and has a 10-inch overlap to fit snugly over the top of your pool. When you are looking for a cover for your inflatable pool, checking out the Intex 15ft x 10in Round Pool Cover may be worthwhile.

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Leisure Living Solar Cover 18' Round Review

The Leisure Living Standard Blue 18' Round Solar Cover has tiny air bubbles in this 8-mil-thick pool cover and can help keep your pool water warm under this American-made pool cover. The bubbles capture the solar energy of the sun, and this energy is capable of serving as a heat source to warm your pool.

Since the sun's energy is free, you do not have to pay for this process. In addition, you save by getting more use out of your pool since you can begin using it earlier in the season and keep it open longer. In addition, the cover traps the heat to keep the water warmer for nighttime swimming. Thermal pool covers, such as this one, also keep up to 95 percent of the pool water from evaporating and can save on your water bill. The cover also prevents evaporation of chemicals.

This solar cover can work well for an unheated pool since it raises the temperature up to 17 degrees Fahrenheit, and most pool covers do not work in this way. It is also useful for heated pools to retain the heat. This type of thermal pool cover helps keep dirt and debris out of your pool, keeping it clean and reducing your maintenance time and cost.

The pool cover is made of Food and Drug Administration-approved food-grade resin. That means that the resin is appropriate and safe to use as a food container. These strict regulatory requirements ensure that the material is safe to use in your pool and around your family. This sturdy pool cover also has reinforced seams to help prevent excessive wear.

Many pool covers require anchoring. Anchors are unnecessary for this pool cover because it floats on top of the water and takes only a few minutes to put on and remove. This lets you put it on or take it off any time you wish. The bubbles in the cover are only on one side. To place the cover correctly, you place it bubble-side down. The cover has a three-year warranty and full coverage for the first year.

This solar cover is lightweight, unlike some aboveground pool covers, for fast and trouble-free placement and removal. It is made for an 18-foot, round aboveground pool. The resin construction with thousands of bubbles lets the water in your pool heat up to an additional 17 degrees Fahrenheit and helps retain the heat at night. When you are looking for an aboveground pool solar cover, you may want to consider Leisure Living's Solar Cover.

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Meyco 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Review

The Meyco 20 x 40 Ft. Safety Pool Cover is lightweight but rugged, so it lasts for many years. The design allows rainwater to enter the pool and keeps out debris while resisting damage from sunlight, pool chemicals, mildew and rot. The lightness of this pool safety cover lets you cover or uncover your pool any time you want, whether during off-season or when going off on vacation, because it usually takes no more than about five minutes.

Although it only weighs 4.4 ounces per square yard, the lightness does not affect the strength. The cover also blocks 95 percent of the sun from passing into the pool. This helps keep the chemicals from leaching out of the water by slowing evaporation, which can potentially save you money. The forest green cover blends with any landscape. However, the rugged construction of this winter pool cover provides an added measure of safety: a break strength of over two tons ensures that a child or pet can accidentally walk or fall on it without breaking through.

The brass anchors for this pool cover are spring loaded and operate with a quick twisting motion. When not in use, the anchors lay flat and out of the way. As with some other pool covers, you can also buy this cover with screws or other types of anchors to attach into the ground or to wooden decking.

This pool safety cover comes in different sizes, and this one fits an 18 x 36-foot pool. The cover itself measures 20 feet x 40 feet to allow for overlap on all sides. The overlap keeps dirt and debris from entering the pool from the sides as well as providing an extra measure of safety.

A 12-year warranty against defects in workmanship comes with this pool cover, and it offers replacement at a percentage of the original cost. However, you have to return the cover along with the springs and original purchase receipt.

Pool covers offer safety to prevent a child or animal from accidentally falling into the pool, keep debris out of the water and block most of the sun that causes chemicals to leach out. Keeping the water clean saves on filter use and manual cleaning time. When you are looking for a pool cover that offers these qualities, the Meyco 20 x 40 Ft. Safety Pool Cover might meet your needs.

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Midwest Canvas 18 Ft. Round Review

The Midwest Canvas 18 ft. Round Protector Winter Pool Cover offers strong construction, dense fabric that resists damage and an added coating to provide more protection. The heavy-duty winch and cable with vinyl coating adds to the durable features of these winter pool covers.

The tensile strength of this pool cover is due to lamination of its polyethylene surface and added high-density stitching for durability and strength, so this cover is less subject to puncture or damage than some other aboveground pool covers. Additional features of the pool covering include an underside that is black to inhibit mold and algae growth inside the pool. This added protection makes it simpler and faster to clean the pool when you reopen it. Because it requires less time to run the filter during cleanup, you save money. The oversized four-foot overlap on these pool covers adds extra protection and makes them more convenient to use.

The winch and cable system makes fastening down this pool cover less cumbersome. The coating on the cable protects against wear and weather damage. In addition, the cable holds the cover snugly to the pool to prevent the entrance of dirt, insects and wind. However, these winter pool covers are not safety covers, according to the manufacturer. The covers will not support an individual’s weight. The aboveground cover may also collect rain on the top and require periodic removal of the water.

The 20-year warranty on these pool covers includes coverage on the seams. Under normal use, the pool cover has a full three-year warranty that covers deterioration of the fabric. In the fourth year, the coverage drops to 55 percent and then drops five percent each succeeding year. Items that are not under warranty include grommets that have come out of the pool cover or damage from wind or wear.

The Midwest Canvas 18 ft. Round Protector Winter Pool Cover is an oversized, sturdy pool cover that is lightweight to handle and damage resistant. In addition to a black undercoating to help prevent mold and mildew in the pool while the cover is on, the pool cover also uses a winch and cable system to secure the cover. When you are looking for aboveground pool covers for your pool, you may want to take a closer look at this one to see if it suits your needs.

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PoolTux Winter Ultra Premium 30' Round Review

The PoolTux Winter Ultra Premium Cover #BB0030 has the strength and security for your aboveground pool during the winter months or when away from home. Multiple lamination coatings and heat-sealed edges with an enclosed cord combine with tight weave to give you many years of use and protection. Extra high ultraviolet ray protection keeps your pool cover from deteriorating due to the effects of the sun, as many other pool covers do.

Polyethylene with lamination that has been applied three times is the thickest coating available, along with seams that are heat sealed to give you long lasting wear and durability to protect your pool. In addition, this pool cover uses the highest amount of scrim to provide the tightest weave possible. The 14 x 14 commercial grade of the scrim gives you the highest quality possible in polyethylene construction for aboveground pool covers.

Aluminum grommets provide rustproof eyelets to secure your covering. Many winter pool covers include a winch and cable with the package. However, this one does not, and you must purchase these accessories separately. This 34-foot round pool cover fits a 30-foot pool. It contains a two-foot overlap to allow space to go down the sides and secure the cover.

The 25-year warranty that comes with this pool cover covers workmanship defects for the first three years and has a pro-rated warranty for the remaining 22 years. Unlike most warranties for pool covers, one unusual feature of this warranty is that you do not have to return the entire pool cover, only a 12-inch x 12-inch section that shows the damage to the cover. On year four, you receive a 25 percent credit with the company for the purchase of a new pool cover at the current price. In year five, the warranty is 20 percent, year six is 10 percent and the following years are five percent. For your pool cover to be under warranty, you must fill out and return the warranty card within 10 days of purchase.

This pool cover offers extra-heavy construction with three layers of coating and reinforced edging to provide long service. The web-like scrim count of 14 x 14 is the same used in commercial grade manufacturing and gives the cover flexibility and strength. When you are looking at winter pool covers for your aboveground pool, you might want to look over the PoolTux Winter Ultra Premium Cover.

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Robelle Premium 16 x 32 31R Review

The Robelle Premium Winter Cover 31R is made with longevity in mind. This in-ground pool cover is has a tight weave consisting of 14 x 14 threads per square inch. It is made of polyethylene with a density of 5.2 ounces per square yard. The cover is tan on the outside and black on the inside, something that is done specifically to inhibit the growth of algae. This pool cover has a five-foot overlap that helps to anchor the cover, which is more overlap than some pool covers.

Aluminum grommets give you secure eyelets to tie down your pool cover. The pool cover comes with a winch, and the cables have a plastic coating to guard against winter rain and snow. After filling the water tubes that provide weight around the pool edge, simply pass the cables through the eyelets and around the water tubes. Using the ratchet on the winch tightens it up to keep water from passing underneath and provides a tighter seal than tightening by hand.

The 16 x 32-foot pool cover weighs 30 pounds and measures 21 feet wide by 37 feet long to completely cover the pool. This lightweight material makes it more convenient to fold and store when not in use. In addition, it takes up less storage room than some other in-ground pool covers. If you have any additions, such as steps or a waterfall, it is necessary to obtain a bigger cover to accommodate the extensions.

The design of this pool cover will not support the weight of children or adults, unlike a pool safety cover. Because this cover can collect water during rainy or snowy weather, children should be kept away from the pool.

The pool cover comes with a 20-year warranty. The warranty covers 100 percent of defects in workmanship or materials for the first four years. The fifth year, you pay 50 percent of the current list price for replacement, followed by 60 percent for years six and seven, 70 percent for years eight through 12, and 80 percent up to 20 years.

This premium pool cover offers a tight weave for durability and longevity. The aluminum grommets, winch and coated cable offer strength and long wear in addition to providing secure attachment for your pool cover. When you are looking for strong, durable in-ground pool covers, checking out the Robelle Premium Winter Cover 31R may be worthwhile.

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Ultra Armor Maxx Gold 12 Year 24ft. Round Review

The Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover incorporates a tight weave, gives protection against growth of mold and mildew, and has a four-foot overlap that adds additional protection down the side of your pool. Made to keep out ultraviolet light, this pool cover keeps your pool clean for when you open it in the spring and provides what you need to secure your pool during the months when it is not in use.

Such winter pool covers, constructed of polyethylene, are strong and resilient. The weave of this cover is durable due to the 10 x 10 inch scrim that indicates the tightness of the weave. The hem, folded twice, measures 0.25 inch and the double folding helps prevent fraying. This adds to the pool cover's durability and provides a strong edge. The hem also includes a polypropylene rope sewed inside the hem to make it stronger. Ultraviolet inhibitors in the fabric prevent the sun from breaking it down and extends the lifespan of the cover.

The size of this cover measures 24 feet and is round in shape. This is for a pool that is 20 feet round. The cover overlaps 2 feet all the way around. This gives you plenty of room to secure the cover and make sure the pool stays clean and completely protected.

Different types of grommets, used to tie down such aboveground pool covers, vary by composition. This cover uses aluminum grommets. Aluminum resists rust and does not corrode. The grommets, placed within two stitched parallel areas, hold the cover down securely even when high wind or inclement weather intrudes. The tools to secure the cover, such as the cable and winch, are part of the package.

Warranties are important when you are choosing pool covers, and this one comes with a 12-year warranty. The first two years are under a full warranty. The remaining years have a sliding scale of coverage. As time continues, the coverage decreases, and you are obligated to pay a higher amount for replacement. This is a common format for most pool covers.

The Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover is a midrange pool cover that lets you keep debris out of the pool when it is not in use and has a 10 x 10 inch scrim. It resists sun degradation and has a double hem. When you are searching for durable pool covers, you might want to check out the Ultra Armor Maxx Gold Winter Pool Cover.

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