Function and form collide in the stunning design of the Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan. Five blades with a walnut finish and brushed nickel ends are all slightly tipped, making it look more like a propeller than a fan. The blades all converge at the central light fixture, also covered with a brushed nickel finish. A frosted dome light is the finishing touch, allowing a soft glow to emanate from the fan, making this unit not only stylish, but incredibly practical for circulating air in your home or workplace.

For rooms that need an overhead light, but also need additional airflow, this is one of the best ceiling fans with lights. The Stealth comes with a 100-watt halogen bulb for immediate use, though users are warned that it’s extremely sensitive, and you must follow Casablanca’s instructions for installation to avoid damage. For example, the manufacturers recommend avoiding touching the bulb with your fingers, because a dirty glass bulb will completely fail when plugged into the socket. A frosted glass dome goes over the halogen light, dimming it slightly to more of a glow than a harsh light.

This quiet ceiling fan lives up to its Stealth name, using Casablanca’s quietest DC motor to date. The fan meant for a large room, utilizing 54-inch long blades with a 14 degree blade pitch. These two design elements combined with the DC motor equate to amazing airflow efficiency with minimal operational noise. Approximately 6,554 cubic feet per minute of air is pumped around a room when the fan is running at high speed. That averages out to an airflow efficiency of 276 cubic feet per minute, per watt.

You can conveniently control top ceiling fans with a remote control, and the Stealth is no different. It adds greater versatility to your air circulation needs through the availability of six different speeds to choose from. These varying speed levels are even available when the fan is set in reverse. This ensures you’ll be able to achieve the right kinds of air circulation no matter the time of year.

The Casablanca Stealth is an excellent ceiling fan due to its sleek and modern appearance, combined with its incredibly-quiet and efficient fan motor. It achieves an incredible amount of air circulation and is further controlled by six speed settings to achieve the right level of airflow for your room. Though it uses a fragile halogen bulb, when mounted correctly to the light fixture it creates the perfect level of lighting.

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