The Westinghouse Comet 7801665 is a low-profile ceiling fan, designed for rooms up to 360 square feet with 8-foot ceilings. A motor with a triple capacitor sets the fan spinning at three different speeds in addition to a reversible switch. The fan itself is quite modern and sleek with five matte black blades and a matte black finish. You can even customize the look of your fan by flipping the blades over to reveal a marble texture for a touch of intrigue.

The ability to reverse the quiet ceiling fan’s rotation is an energy efficient feature that can save you money throughout the year. Each direction has the option of three speeds: high, medium and low. All of these controls can be operated from a wall-mounted control panel or via a portable remote control, which is sold separately.

This top ceiling fan has an excellent airflow measurement of 5,199 cubic feet per minute with an airflow efficiency of 85 cfm per watt. It comes with wall mounting kits to hang either flush to the ceiling or dropped down four inches with the included downrod. To accommodate vaulted ceiling with angles, you can purchase a special mount separately. At the peak of the fan is a frosted glass dome that houses two 40-watt light bulbs. These bulbs are included with the initial fan and can easily be replaced through most any hardware store at the end of their lifespan.

Even the best ceiling fans with lights offer a lifetime warranty on their motors, and this fan further comes with a two-year warranty on all of the other parts. The warranty is redeemable via the company’s support department, and you’ll simply be required to send in the old part for replacements. The time it takes to receive replacement parts is typically a matter of several business days, as a dysfunctional fan can cause sufficient discomfort in any home at the height of winter and summer.

The Westinghouse Comet 7801665 combines a modern appearance with a high-performance motor to deliver efficient air circulation. It is an ideal device for year-round use, and thanks to its extensive warranty, you can expect to receive years of performance. The addition of multiple mounting kits and a wall-mounted control panel gives you even greater control over the functionality and presentation of your fan in any room.

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