The Monte Carlo Discus II Collection 5DI44BKD is a line of ceiling fans that instantly upgrades any room it’s installed in. The unit has a matte black finish and sports five blades with a 44-inch reach. However, if black doesn’t match your home’s style, you can pick from several other finishes in the collection: brushed steel, polished nickel, roman bronze and white.

Most low-profile ceiling fans come with a downrod as part of the top ceiling fan’s installation. The downrod provided with this ceiling fan is six-inches long, making final measurement from blade to ceiling a minimum of 12.4 inches. However, if you have longer downrods, it comes with more than six feet of lead wiring for longer hanging capabilities. Or with the included flush mount kit, you can reduce its vertical footprint drastically for lower ceiling. The light portion of the fan is directly below the mounting equipment and requires 120V of power to operate. A frosted glass dome covers the mini candelabra which comes equipped with a single 75-watt bulb.

When talking about the best ceiling fans with lights, you should search for units capable of airflow for more than 4,000 cubic feet per minute. This fan operates at 4,261 cubic feet per minute. It achieves this desirable level of circulation due to its powerful, three-speed, reversible motor. The motor achieves more than 230 rotations per minute, which when compared to the fan’s electrical use, it is achieving an airflow efficiency of 74 cubic feet per minute per watt.

This quiet ceiling fan is made using high-quality materials to help increase its longevity in daily use. However, in the event of product failure, the device comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the majority of its parts. Though the fan is quite straightforward in installation and requires no maintenance beyond replacing bulbs, it isn’t uncommon for parts to fail after several years. In such occurrences, you should simply file a warranty claim with the manufacturer and a replacement part is sent.

The Discus II Collection 5DI44BKD utilizes a modern and minimalist design to deliver high levels of air circulation. Its integrated halogen light, multi-speed motor and remote control make this an excellent addition to any room. It achieves a high level of air circulation with reversible flow capabilities so you can more easily control the temperature of your room without drastically increasing your electrical bill.

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