The Fanimation Odyn is an eight-bladed ceiling fan designed for high levels of airflow, all while consuming fractional levels of electricity in comparison to other models. It achieves this through an energy-efficient and eco-friendly motor and lighting kit that greatly reduce wattage without reducing air circulation. With its balanced design, quiet motor and eight blades, this is a fan that ensures adequate distribution of hot and cool air alike no matter the season.

This is one of the best ceiling fans with lights because it is designed for the greatest level of eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Due to its DC motor design and integrated LED lighting system, the fan consumes less electricity than other options, achieving 32 watts at the highest fan speed. Couple this consumption with its incredible airflow level of 10,104 cubic feet of air per minute, this fan achieves an airflow efficiency of 314 cubic feet per minute per watt, more than triple the industry average.

Energy efficiency a primary concern of many homes, and this top ceiling fan is designed to consume up to 70 less energy than other fans. It operates with eight individual blades that create an 84-inch blade sweep. The included LED array is designated for 14 watts, which provides significant advantages over traditional fluorescent lighting kits both in terms of lifespan and brightness.

The provided downrod is six inches in length and one inch wide, though it creates little wobble when installed tightly. The design of the quiet ceiling fan’s motor and the balancing of its eight blades ensures steady operation with little audible output. With the lighting kit and downrod installed, this fan is nearly 18 inches in length, which means it should be installed on ceilings a minimum of 9 feet high.

The Fanimation Odyn is a unique and powerful ceiling fan that achieves incredible levels of performance. Not only does it offer higher levels of airflow than other fans, but it also operates at a fraction of the energy consumption for greater efficiency levels. Its motor and lighting kit contribute largely to this achievement, setting it apart as a fan that is ideal for any home in need of a modern fan that won’t significantly impact the electrical bill.

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