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The Best Industrial Space Heaters of 2017

Heat Large Spaces Easily

The Best Industrial Space Heaters of 2017
Industrial Space Heaters
Comfort Zone
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Mr. Heater MH125KTR
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Industrial Space Heaters Review

Why Buy an Industrial Space Heater?

An industrial space heater offers a cost-effective alternative to installing a heater in a building, and is faster to install than a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. With portable models, different types of heat and capacities for thousands of square feet of space, an industrial space heater is a solution for keeping warehouses, garages and other large buildings warm during the winter. Popular industrial space heaters like the Comfort Zone CZ220, Dimplex CUH05B31T and Berko HUH524TA offer different types of heat for warming small to large areas. With different types of industrial heaters to choose from, including ceiling and wall mounted as well as portable versions, you can choose a heater that heats your building as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Knowing what to look for in an industrial heater allows you to choose the best one for your building, area or industry.

Industrial Space Heaters: What to Look For

Industrial space heaters come with a number of different types of fuel options, different heating capacity, different types of heat and may or may not be portable. The following features can help you choose an industrial heater that works for your building or purpose.

Fuel Type
Most industrial space heaters use either electricity or gasoline. You can also purchase a diesel space heater. Different fuel types offer different types of heating, with electric options mainly using recirculated and circulated air. Gasoline and diesel space heaters are usually portable, offer more types of heat and usually sit on the floor.

Heating capacity or range is a crucial consideration when choosing an industrial space heater because it affects how much area or how big of a building you can heat. Some space heaters are made for outdoor use or only heat a particular area. Others are meant to heat large warehouses and buildings between 10,000 to 20,000 feet. Capacity is measured in BTUs, which can vary from under 100,000 to several hundred thousand, allowing you to heat small rooms to large warehouses.

Type of Heat
Industrial heaters include high-temperature rise, low-temperature rise, air recirculation and low-intensity options. High-temperature rise heaters quickly heat an area for immediate warmth, making them suitable for heating an area quickly, but inefficient for leaving on for longer periods. Low-rise heaters warm areas more slowly. Infrared or low-intensity heaters are suitable for warming specific spaces, and are especially useful for warming areas with animals. Air recirculation heat uses air circulation to add to the heat, making them a good fit for large warehouses.

Air Circulation
Air circulation allows heat to circulate throughout a room. Usually industrial heaters with air circulation have forced heat, fans or ventilation of some kind. Forced heat is ideal for smaller and large areas because it pushes warm air through an entire building. It is not a good option for outdoors or anywhere that has an open window or door, because the moving air pushes the heat right outside. Unit industrial heaters pour heat directly onto the area you want to keep warm, making them a good choice for keeping part of a garage or warehouse warm for employees. However, they are not suitable for areas that are larger than 10,000 square feet because they become inefficient after that size.

Portability is only important if you frequently move from building to building, change warehouses or want to bring the heat along with you and your workers to jobsites. Some heating options come with wheels, allowing you to roll them easily onto a truck or trailer to bring with you. Others attach to the ceiling and are not portable at all.

Choosing your industrial space heater based on these features allows you to find a model that heats your space as efficiently as possible. Specifics such as portability, type of power or fuel and the type of heating ensures that the heater works no matter where you intend to use it.