Dehydrators Review

Why Choose a Food Dehydrator?

Using a food dehydrator makes it easier on hunters, families and anyone who enjoys making their own food and saving money while doing it. While you may opt to dry out food in the oven, using a food dehydrator is more efficient when it comes to time and energy. They are also cost effective, making trips to the grocer to pick up natural snacks unnecessary.

Food dehydrators not only dry out foods, such as fruits, meats and vegetables, they preserve them without additives or preservatives. Dehydrators contain several stacked trays where you can place food as heated air flows through all the layers and dries it evenly. This drying process preserves the nutrients and vitamins and makes it last for at least three months, depending on the food being dried. Three of the top food dehydrators on the market are the Nesco Snackmaster ProExcalibur 10-Tray Dehydrator and the L'EQUIP's 528 Expandable Dehydrator.

Food Dehydrators: What to Look For

Food dehydrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you know what you plan on using your unit for, finding one should be fairly easy. Knowing what you plan to make, how much you plan to make and how often you plan to use it should factor it to what type of dehydrator purchase.

An important feature of food dehydrators is how many trays it can hold. Some dehydrators may only come with five trays, which can limit the amount of food you can dehydrate. There are dehydrators that give you the option to add more trays and increase the amount food you are dehydrating.

The amount of watts your dehydrator can produce effects drying speed and temperature. The units we evaluate range from 125 to 1000 watts, but larger units just need more power to keep up the temperature long enough to dry the food thoroughly. Most of the dehydrators can dry foods around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, although some only go up to the 130 degrees.

Extra Features
Some dehydrators come with extra features that don't directly affect the drying process but can make the unit friendlier for you. One such feature is interior lighting that allows you to check on the food without opening the trays. Another nice feature is digital thermometers and automatic timing. These features give you more control over the temperature and duration of the drying process.

Food dehydrators help make the drying process for food an easier task. You may opt to use an oven, but for the sake of time and energy, a food dehydrator is a smart purchase. Looking at your needs, features and the price of a dehydrator will help you make an informed decision about which one to buy. As soon as you know, you can start drying various types of food and save time.