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Pros / This food scale is portable, light and convenient.

Cons / Due to its size, this scale has an extremely low weighing capacity.

 Verdict / The Weight Blade is great for light weighing needs when you’re away from home.

The American Weigh Blade is the smallest and most portable of the products we evaluated in our review of the best food scales. Its compact design allows it to fit into a small bag or purse. The pop-out blade display enables you to easily see the weight of any food or ingredient you place on the scale.

This is all great as far as it goes, but its small stature also brings natural limits to what this food scale can do. This food scale has a maximum weight capacity of 2.2 pounds, or 1000 grams. This is the lightest capacity of any food scale we reviewed. Additionally, the total weighing area is a scant 5.4 square inches. For contrast, the larger scales in our review can weigh up to 18 pounds and have a weighing area as large as 65 square inches.

The Blade will show a weight reading down to 0.01 grams. This is a very granular level of accuracy. However, in order to get an accurate reading, you must weigh an item that will fit on the platform of the scale. If the item you’re weighing is too big, you won’t get an accurate reading. This kitchen scale isn’t meant for regular or large-group cooking, instead acting as help for controlling serving sizes for an individual or couple. In catering to this small audience type, the Blade is able to achieve such a compact size that even fits into pockets.

The electronic food scale runs on two AAA batteries, which ensures it remains powered for months at a time even with multiple uses daily. The automatic shutoff function will turn off the device after 60 seconds to maintain battery life. To prevent overloading, the device is set with protective measures to shut off the measuring feature and avoid damaging the miniature and sensitive precision parts within the scale. The result is a more durable and long-lasting product.

Like other kitchen scales, the Blade comes with a two-year warranty. However, the performance of this device is guaranteed for much longer: a 10-year period. This scale is designed for frequent use and travel, which means wear and tear may occur. American Weigh guarantees the long-term functionality of the device by offering this extended period of protection, which means you’ll have your diet assistant for years to come.

  • Accuracy Score
  • Consistency Score
  • Maximum Weight
  • Total Weighing Area
  1. This score reflects how often the scale yielded an accurate weight in our tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 10  American Weigh Blade
    100.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    97.6 %


Portability and convenience are the prime selling points of the American Weigh Blade. The weighing plate is as sensitive and accurate as you can expect from a food scale of its size. The tradeoff is that you can’t weigh larger items. It’s a great scale to carry around in your pocket to places that you wouldn’t use a conventional scale. It has a great performance guarantee and you can expect to use it for a very long time.

American Weigh Blade Visit Site