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Kalorik Digital Scale Review

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PROS / This food scale comes with a detachable bowl for weighing large quantities.

CONS / It only has a one-year warranty.

 VERDICT / The Kalorik Digital Kitchen Scale meets and surpasses most food weighing needs.

The Kalorik Digital Kitchen Scale is a unique entry in our review of the best food scales on the market. Instead of the flat weighing platform found on conventional kitchen scales, this is a cup-scale with a large, detachable steel bowl that allows you to weigh up to 11 pounds of ingredients. It also has an in-handle display that’s easily read in any lighting conditions.

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The standard design for kitchen scales is typically a metal plate on which you place food and ingredients to measure their weight. The Kalorik Digital is quite different from this typical design and is simply a big metal measuring bowl with a handle possessing a digital screen. This is among the most unique designs we’ve seen for scales and really contributes to the device’s overall appeal.

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The bowl itself is stainless steel construction, and engraved along its inside are measurement levels in milliliters and fluid ounces. This doesn’t mean the food scale can only measure in those two units. It also handles grams and pounds for solid, as opposed to liquid, ingredients. The handle display is an interesting novelty with three buttons and a large digital readout. Just be sure not to push any buttons while you use the handle to lift and pour ingredients.

The electronic kitchen scale easily detaches from the bowl to allow for easy cleaning. The scale has a maximum capacity of 11 pounds and can measure as precisely as a single gram or 0.1 fluid ounces. When the measuring bowl is placed on the scale, it activates the tare feature to reduce the scale weight to zero to factor in the exact weight of food or ingredients without the added discrepancy of the bowl.

The scale draws its power from two AAA batteries. The scale’s display gives both low-battery and overload indicators. Anything heavier than 11 pounds cannot be handled by the scale and will not result in accurate readings. This is a hefty limit for most electronic kitchen scales. The display itself is brightly backlit, which means you can easily read it in lowlight conditions.

In addition to the engraved milliliter and ounce measurement levels found in the detachable stainless steel bowl, this food scale also yields a weight measurement found in the in-handle display. You can weigh ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces and milliliters. However, these units are not all accessible in the same mode. In order to weigh fluid ounces, you must be in the Water, Milk or Oil modes. This food scale also offers a Flour mode, which measures in cups rather than in grams or ounces. These features give this food scale a more practical functionality than its flat-platform counterparts.

Kalorik’s warranty period for this kitchen scale is one year. This is one of the shorter warranties we encountered in our review of the best kitchen scales, but it should suffice for the occasional defective unit. Kalorik also offers customer support via telephone and email. However, simple questions can usually be answered by consulting the included user manual or the FAQs section on the website.


The Kalorik Digital Kitchen Scale takes a place as one of the best kitchen scales on the market because of its innovative design and durable construction. The addition of the stainless steel measuring bowl drastically increases its practicality in the kitchen as the bowl can be used not only to measure ingredients, but also for mixing those ingredients.

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