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OXO Good Grips Food Scale Review

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PROS / It has a convenient pullout display.

CONS / This scale only expresses weights in fractions.

 VERDICT / This kitchen scale is great for preparing larger meals.

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale combines a practical design with a low price point. The food scale comes with a pullout display that fits neatly below the scale itself and can be pulled out to view the readout for large items that cover the display. When it comes to handling large amounts of food or ingredients, this is one of the best kitchen scales and deserves strong consideration.

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The most prominent feature – the pullout display – serves multiple purposes. When you weigh large containers, these sometimes block the display for viewing weight measurements. If you find yourself in such a situation, all you need to do is pull out the display to a point where you can see it and then return it to the station on the electronic food scale when not needed. The display simply detaches from the main device and maintains contact with the device’s battery through a retractable cable.

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Apart from the pullout display, this kitchen scale is quite slim and thus capable of being stored in compact spaces when not in use. The stainless steel top contributes to the OXO Good Grips’ overall popularity as this makes the scale more durable and easy to clean.

It should be noted that this scale expresses results in fractions. All the other kitchen scales in our review express weights using decimals. For example, we weighed a food item that weighs 13.5 ounces. This scale expressed that weight as 13 3/8 ounces. Using fractions like this can cause some confusion to those who have recipes that are formatted in decimals rather than fractions.

The OXO Good Grips scale is equipped to handle measurements as heavy as 11 pounds, which means you can put the pullout display to good use. If you’re handling large bowls or plates on its surface often, then you’re also likely measuring out a large quantity of ingredients. In these instances, the scale’s tare feature extends the amount of weight you can measure and removes the weight of the container being used. Large plates or bowls can contribute a lot of weight, which makes the tare functionality invaluable.


The OXO Good Grips Food Scale is a middling scale with a unique feature in its pullout display. It's great for cooks who use large bowls or plates while weighing. This is an item that will benefit you largely in the kitchen. In the end, it’s a versatile and useful electronic kitchen scale ideal for weighing large dishes.

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