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Ozeri Pro II Digital Review

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PROS / This scale has a kitchen timer.

CONS / It lacks the ability to display results in fluid ounces and milliliters.

 VERDICT / This is a great choice for a small kitchen scale.

In our review of the best food scales on the market, the Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale stands out for several reasons. Chief among them is that it scored perfectly in our accuracy and consistency tests. It also yields results as precise as 0.05 ounces and can weigh items as heavy as 11 pounds. It’s also lightweight, has a large, bright display, and is the only food scale on our side-by-side comparison chart to feature a kitchen timer. It earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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In our accuracy tests, this food scale performed flawlessly. Every test weigh yielded an accurate result. The importance of accuracy to a food scale is difficult to overstate. You can rely on this scale to yield accurate and consistent results.

This kitchen scale has the ability to weigh ingredients as light as 0.05 ounces and as heavy as 11 pounds. While this isn’t the heaviest weight capacity in our review of the best food scales, it is more than enough to weigh the ingredients of a typical homemade meal. If you need to weigh an ingredient that weighs more than 11 pounds, you may want to look into an industrial-strength scale.

The circular weighing platform of this food scale measures nearly 20 square inches. Again, this is not the largest weighing area in our review. However, it is sufficient room to weigh items that are cooked in the home.

The Ozeri Pro comes with an automatic tare function to remove the weight of any measuring bowl or plate used to contain the ingredients being weighed. The kitchen scale accomplishes this through the use of a built-in calculator that subtracts the container's weight and ensures you only get the net weight of the ingredients used for complete accuracy.


The design of this food scale is one of its prime selling points. It is lightweight and easily stored and transported. The display is large, backlit and the digits are easy to see. You have the ability to switch which measurement unit is displayed with a single button push. No one who buys this scale needs to worry if they’ll be able to use it.

One of the more unique features on this kitchen scale is that it comes with a kitchen timer. This makes a degree of sense and can be useful if you don’t already have a timer or if you take the scale with you to a place where a conventional timer would be impractical.

This kitchen scale will automatically shut down after three minutes of inactivity. This shutdown timer is reset when the weight amount is changed, which means you can continually add to or remove ingredients and know the device will remain on. And when you’re done, like with all other electronic kitchen scales, you don’t need to worry about pushing any buttons to deactivate the device.

Measurement Units

This scale has the ability to yield results in grams, ounces, kilograms and pounds. This is standard fare among the food scales in our review. These units will be adequate enough for common recipes. The addition of fluid ounces and milliliters would greatly enhance the versatility of this food scale.

Help & Support

Ozeri offers a one-year warranty period for this kitchen scale. If you have a problem with your scale, you can contact Ozeri via phone or email. However, most common inquiries can be answered by consulting the included user manual.


At the end of the day, there isn’t much negative to say about the Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale. The results are fast, accurate and consistent. The only consideration that could stand in your way is its size. This scale is perfect for smaller quantities and portions. If you plan on cooking large recipes, this may not fit your needs. However, for most home and personal uses this kitchen scale should work just fine.

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