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Ozeri Touch II Review

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PROS / This food scale measures ingredients that weigh up to 18 pounds.

CONS / Its warranty period is only one year.

 VERDICT / The Ozeri Touch II is as stylish as it is functional and will not disappoint those who buy it.

In our review of the best food scales on the market, the Ozeri Touch II claimed the top spot on our side-by-side comparison chart. And it did so for several reasons: It is highly accurate, has a heavy weight capacity and an integrated display with large, bright digits and can weigh items in multiple measurement units. It also has a modern and beautiful design with a touch interface that gives this kitchen scale the look and feel of an iPad. For these reasons and more the Ozeri Touch II earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for digital food scales.

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The most important aspect of any scale is the accuracy of its results. This food scale scored perfectly in our accuracy tests. It can weigh items as little as a tenth of an ounce and as heavy as 18 pounds. This is the heaviest weigh capacity of any of the food scales in our review. Only one other scale matches this ability, and the same manufacturer – Ozeri – creates it.

The weighing area of this food scale is a roomy 53 square inches. And while this is not the largest in our review, it is more than enough real estate to weigh any ingredient in a home-cooked meal. This scale’s weighing area is also unique in our review in that its entire top surface is capable of weighing items. All the other scales we reviewed offer an independent platform, which is usually raised from the rest of the device. This scale is completely flat and has an integrated display in order to maximize the usability of its design.

When you weigh an item using the Ozeri Touch II, you have the ability to convert the results between the several measurement units offered by this kitchen scale. All you have to do is weigh the item and press the Unit button to the left of the display. You have the ability to switch results between pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters and grams. This scale displays weights in more measurement units than any scale in our review.

Another tool worthy of note is the scale’s tare function. This tool allows you to weigh an empty container such as a bowl or pitcher and zero-out its weight. Then you can fill the container and weigh it again; the scale will show the weight of the container’s contents only. This is a great tool for weighing things like liquids that you can’t realistically place on the scale without a container.


One of the main selling points of this kitchen scale is its elegant and practical design. Most of the scales we reviewed are either purely functional or put too much emphasis on looking pretty. The Ozeri Touch II strikes this balance quite well. It’s thin, simple and smooth. In fact, at first glance, it would be hard to distinguish this food scale from a tablet.

The glass top is quite tough, which means accidentally dropping the electronic food scale or dropping heavy items on top will not break the weighing surface. The integrated display is one of its standout features. It displays large, backlit digits that are easy to read in any lighting condition, which makes this device distinct in its own regard.

To save battery power, this kitchen scale automatically shuts itself off after about three minutes. This means that you don’t have to worry about shutting the scale down in the middle of cooking a meal. This is the longest auto-shutoff time among the digital food scales that we reviewed.

Typically, even the best kitchen scales can become quite heavy and bulky. The compact and lightweight design of the Ozeri Touch II is quite refreshing and assists largely in its popularity.

Measurement Units

While no device we reviewed has all the measurement units we look for in the best food scales, this Ozeri scale comes the closest. It has the ability to generate results in grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces and milliliters. The only measurement unit we look for that is absent from this kitchen scale is kilograms. And while converting between grams and kilograms should be simple enough, adding kilograms to this scale would render it a near-perfect weighing device.

Help & Support

Ozeri is a fair company as far as customer support goes. But you’ll likely be buying this scale through a reseller. The company offers a warranty term of one year from the date of purchase. In the circumstance you need to contact the company, Ozeri offers both phone and email support.

This kitchen scale comes with a user manual as well as a calorie guide and U.S. postal first-class letter rate guide. The user manual includes several languages, including English, Spanish, German and more. The calorie and postage guide is convenient but you’ll probably only utilize the calorie portion of this booklet. Weighing mail is a nice extra touch but not exactly necessary in the kitchen.


For cooks in need of a kitchen scale that combines quality with modern design, the Ozeri Touch II is one of the top options. It magnificently combines a practical appearance with a versatile functionality to establish itself as an important contribution to any kitchen.

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