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The Best Personal Blenders of 2017

Blend Up Healthy Meals and Snacks

Personal Blenders Review

Why Buy a Personal Blender?

When you want a salsa appetizer as an afternoon snack or a vegetable smoothie to drink in the morning, single serving blenders ensure that you only prepare as much food as you need for yourself. Popular devices like the NutriBullet Magic Bullet, the Hamilton Beach 51101BA and the iTouchless LCM02S create a diverse selection of healthy mixtures, and their mixing containers double as drinking vessels.

Personal blenders feature compact designs that do not require much countertop space. Their blades work quickly, preparing single serving meals in minutes, and they come with portable containers so you can take your culinary creations with you on the road.

Personal Blenders: What to Look For

Because of the popularity of single serving blenders, many styles emerged on the market. Some of these blenders favor compact size over powerful blades, and others prioritize portability above all else. Here are a few important design aspects to think about when considering personal-size blenders.

Carry Features
Blended smoothies make convenient options for breakfast because of the healthy foods you can use to make them and because you can drink them during your commute. For this reason, many personal blenders come with features that convert mixing containers into drinking vessels. Some of these mixing containers come with handles. Others come with drinking lids that seal tightly to prevent spillage.

Personal blenders come in different sizes, and the size of the device often dictates the power the unit provides. Units with extra power can grind through thicker materials with less preparation, but they also tend to take up more space. Smaller single serving blenders may fit in the palm of your hand, but their usage sometimes requires preparatory food cuts in order to achieve smooth blends.

High-powered units do not always work faster than units with smaller motors. In many cases, personal blenders depend on power and blade configuration to produce efficient results. Higher-power motors may spin the blades faster, but their added force means little if the blades catch on food and prevent the blades from spinning.

Portable blenders should be large enough to produce a wide variety of treats. They should give you enough room to try new recipes without taking over your entire countertop. Single serving blenders sometimes include multiple mixing cups with different sizes for different recipes. If you want to simplify your setup, other blenders come with only one or two mixing cups.

Personal blenders work in different ways. Some start working as soon as you apply pressure from the mixing cup to the base of the unit. Others feature multiple speed settings and allow for even more customization. Your choice in single serving blender depends on how you want to use the unit. You can find options with single-button operation or more advanced configurations.

Personal blenders range in size and power, but you can find one to suit your needs. Consider the lids and handles of the mixing containers, then take a look at how to operate the device. Personal blenders help craft all sorts of healthy meals. You can find one that gives you the speed and functionality you need for everyday use.