The GE Profile Series undercounter trash compactor is made so that the controls are completely hidden when the garbage compactor isn’t in use. You can upgrade the door with wood paneling or it comes in stainless steel to match your dishwasher or oven. The drawer also remains locked during use and requires a key to start the cycle.

This home trash compactor has a 1/3 horsepower motor, a toe pedal opener and a completely removable drawer. The GE Profile Series has retractable legs, providing an adjustable height between 33 3/4 inches and 35 inches. The width is exactly 14 7/8 inches, which will fit in standard counters.

The design of the GE Profile Series is meant for simplicity and invisibility. This is the trash compactor for those who don’t want anyone to know they have trash. With the wooden front, the machine is completely concealed and looks like any other cabinet in your kitchen. If you choose, the stainless steel front comes with a sculpted handle that matches the decor of other undercounter appliances.

With this simplicity comes a lack of additional functions. The waste compactor is operated with one basic power switch. You load the trash, flip the switch, and the cycle begins. Once the ram is finished, it moves back into place for the next load. There is no delay function, no clock and no hold option to keep the trash compacted though.

The home trash compactor does offer additional safety features. The GE Profile Series requires a removable key, so the door doesn’t open mid-cycle and the machine can’t start unexpectedly. This means that your children are safe and don’t put unwanted items in the bin. When the machine is unlocked, the trash compactor can be opened by using a toe pedal hidden below the cabinets, giving you a hands-free experience, a plus for both convenience and hygiene.

When the time comes to clean the unit, you can completely remove the GE Profile Series drawer. The drawer will stop on the track and you can click it and bring it out, a unique feature for under-the-counter compactors. For trash removal, however, it is a bit lacking. The front doesn’t flip down, so you need to heft the bag out vertically, which is quite a task for a bag that holds up to six times the garbage.

The biggest concern with this waste compactor may be its lack of a self-sufficient odor removal system. With trash hanging around for longer than usual, the smell of rotten food can become overpowering. The GE Profile Series leaves odor neutralization in your hands. This is a good trash compactor if your main concern is keeping it out of sight, but it lacks important components.

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