The Gladiator Garage Compactor gives you the benefits of a trash compactor without taking up extra counter space in your kitchen. The wheeled compactor can be stored wherever you have an outlet. The front casters lock by stepping on a lever and the rear casters swivel for easy movement. Similar to kitchen trash compactors, the Gladiator opens with a toe kick and has a bin that glides out on rails. It also has a durable metal cover to manage impact in a high-traffic area. With the casters on, the appliance is 38 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

This garbage compactor has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet and a compression force of 2,200 pounds per square inch. The 4-to-1 compression ratio is on the lower end, but it still provides you with four times fewer trips to the curb. With a lower compression comes a lower cost, however, making it ideal as a second trash compactor for recyclables like aluminum cans or plastic bottles. And, since the waste compactor is in the garage, it can also be used for perishables that tend to smell after a few days.

The Gladiator is also mobile. The wheeled cart allows you to bring the compactor to the trash instead of hauling the trash to the garbage bin outside. This means you could wheel it out to your driveway when you’re cleaning out your car or tidying up after a family party. If you do need to carry trash to the unit, the toe kick delivers hands-free operation.

Operation of the Gladiator is basic. Once the drawer is opened, one switch will set the home trash compactor to on or off. It takes about a minute for the ram to complete a full compaction. There is also an anti-jam feature. Or if you can hear the ram struggling or something is in the compactor that shouldn’t be, simply opening the door will stop the cycle and return the ram to the starting position.

The look of this waste compactor is rugged and meant for the garage. The door is graphite and would blend well with a toolbox. This does limit the compactor aesthetically, however. It would look out of place in a kitchen if you chose to use it in your home. As long as you’re fine with the look, however, the biggest benefit comes with its mobility. You could use it on the road, at a worksite or at the park.

The Gladiator trash compactor doesn’t come with a lot of extra features. There is no deodorizing system and no delayed start option. Its compaction rate is lower than typical household compactors as well. Still, the main benefit is its resourcefulness and flexibility, something you won’t find in trash compactors installed under a counter.

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