The Kenmore Elite trash compactor has a compression ratio of 5-to-1 and reduces trash volume up to 80 percent. Other features include a side-release bin, a toe kick and rear levelers. The front face hides the control panel, providing a sleek look in your kitchen. The waste compactor also comes with a removable key and an “extra pac” control, which keeps constant pressure on your garbage. The legs on the compactor extend to a height between 34.13 and 34.63 inches and it has a standard width of 15 inches.

At a 5-to-1 compression ratio, the Kenmore Elite compactor provides standard compression, meaning five times more garbage per bag and fewer visits to the trash bin. Once the compactor is half full or more, you can run a cycle to reduce the volume. You can open the home trash compactor with a toe kick at the bottom of the unit. The Kenmore also has a convenient side-release that allows you to take out the bag without lifting it straight out. This means less heavy vertical lifting and less stress on your back.

The controls are hidden behind the front door, providing a clean look and safer operation. If you’re worried about children using the unit, the interior control key can also be removed at your discretion. The Kenmore compactor has two operation methods. The first, the basic method, is flipping the switch to “normal pac.” This will start a cycle that lasts about a minute. The second option, “extra pac,” will keep the ram down for an extended period. When you’re ready for another load, flipping the switch to off will bring the ram back up to its starting position.

The solid air freshener system helps control odors that might arise from the unit. You can purchase a separate air freshener disc and install it in the compartment. There is no additional fan, however, and the disc needs to be replaced every four to six weeks. According to the manufacturer, it will also tend to wear out more rapidly in high temperatures or dry air. When the time comes to clean the unit, you can completely remove the bin, allowing you to clean both the inside and outside of the machine.

The Kenmore trash compactor’s basic operations and hidden control panel are a good fit for a family that cares about style and user-friendliness. The manual “extra pac” gives you more efficient volume control. You do need to replace the air freshener often, though, which isn’t the most convenient option available.

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