The ECHO PE-225 is a gas stick edger that is tough enough for commercial edging but also works well for residential use. This easy-to-start and lightweight edger has large blades to make edging a simple, quick project.

This compact, lightweight gas edger takes up little space in your garage or storage shed. Despite its small size for a gas edger, it's fully capable of cutting through tough overgrowth without an issue. It weighs only 13.9 pounds, making it easy to handle and maneuver, even on rounded corners or hilly areas.

One of the best features on this edger is a pivoting mechanism with an 8-inch blade that allows you to adjust the cutting depth. A heavy-duty debris shield with a rubber flap protects you from dirt and other materials flying around while you work. The tires are large for maneuverability and have solid rubber tread to provide traction over rough surfaces.

Instead of a push-button start, the system has a recoil starter handle. If you want a push-button starter, consider the Troy-Bilt TB516 EC. Priming the machine first with a purge bulb allows the motor to start more easily. The stop switch is conveniently located on the handle. The engine is sufficient for commercial or residential use, but because it is a two-cycle engine, you have to create a fuel-oil mixture at the correct ratio to operate it.

This gas edger includes a guide wheel that allows you to adjust the cutting position. This is a nice feature for areas with raised walkways, as you can roll the edger on top of the walkway as you edge the lawn. It also helps when you want to cut a deeper edge.

There is a two-year limited warranty on the edger if you use it for commercial projects. If you use it just for residential property, it has a five-year limited warranty.

The ECHO PE-225 is a space-saving and easy-to-use lawn edger. It is well suited to both residential and commercial use, thanks to its tough two-cycle engine, large blades and adjustable cutting depth. The length of the warranty differs depending on whether you want to use the edger for commercial or residential purposes.

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