Whether you have a large or small lawn, leaf blowers can be exceptionally helpful tools for yard maintenance. The Husqvarna 125BVx gas leaf blower does a good job moving those messy leaves, and its 38.5-inch machine length puts it closer to the ground than shorter leaf blowers, which means it is easier to clear away debris, dirt and leaves. You also get a vacuum function with this leaf blower, and the machine can compress leaves into mulch at an impressive rate.

This model gives you power and performance that is about average with regard to the other blowers in our lineup. You get a power output of 1.1 horsepower from its two-cycle engine and a maximum airflow speed of 170 mph. It can blow typical lawn debris 17.5 feet from a distance of 7 feet away, which is good, but not outstanding.

Nonetheless, you get some real advantages with this leaf blower since this device doubles as a yard or shop vacuum, and the vacuum bag can hold up to 17 gallons of yard debris. This may seem impossible for a unit weighing 9.6 pounds. However, the mulching function of this leaf blower has a mulch ratio of approximately 16:1, which means it compresses 16 parts of debris down to 1 part mulch. The tiny mulching knives inside this device make quick work of leaves, and that results in you getting more room in the vacuum bag.

This leaf blower comes with interchangeable round or flat nozzles to direct airflow at two different speed levels. The inline design keeps the air stream aligned with the handle to reduce stress on your arms and wrists. The fan on the left outside of the body keeps this leaf blower balanced so it doesn't push back as you try to maneuver.

You may not usually use hearing protection when blowing leaves; however, we highly recommend it. This model can reach noise levels of up to 97.9 decibels, making it one of the loudest blowers in our lineup.

Overall, the Husqvarna 125BVx does its work well and comes with a number of convenient extra features such as its great mulching and vacuuming capabilities.

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