The Poulan Pro PPBV25 is a powerful leaf blower with a useful lengthiness that extends 38 inches, putting it close to the ground where it can really do its work. The 25cc, two-cycle gas engine is rugged and blows air through the tube at 230 mph, which is the highest air speed of the leaf blowers we evaluated.

Despite the power, this leaf blower can push leaves about 11 feet, which is shorter than others we examined. This is a heavy leaf blower, weighing in at 10.8 pounds, and it is the loudest we found of those we evaluated, with the noise level registering at 106.7 decibels. When using any leaf blower, and especially with this one, it's a good idea to use ear protection.

Along with those drawbacks, this gas-powered leaf blower requires more maintenance than an electric model, which is true for all gas leaf blowers. You will need to mix oil and gas since it is a two-stroke engine that requires that fuel source.

However, this leaf blower is a versatile yard tool that provides some appealing benefits. You can attach a bag and use it as a vacuum for your yard, which is a handy way to clean up wet, messy leaves. You can also use it as a mulcher. The mulch ratio is approximately 16:1, meaning you can mulch 16 bags of leaves into one bag. This drastically reduces the amount of bagged leaves you have to deal with after clearing your property.

In addition, the Poulan Pro PPBV25 is designed with comfort in mind. Despite its weight, the anti-vibration capabilities built into its design and its cushioned handle make it easy to operate and reduce muscle strain while ensuring a firm, comfortable grip. This leaf blower comes with a two-year warranty, which is rather short since competing manufacturers offer longer warranties.

This leaf blower is heavy and noisy, but its length extends it closer to the ground, which is helpful with any leaf blower. It is designed well, is a versatile tool, has a soft handle and doesn't vibrate as much as other blowers in our product line-up.

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