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Pros / It only uses 10 watts of power and provides the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Cons / You cannot dim this LED bulb or use it in outdoor fixtures.

 Verdict / This is a decent LED light bulb for soft light indoors.

If you are curious about converting your home so it's eco-friendly, then switching out your old incandescent light bulb for energy-efficient LED light bulbs like the Lighting Ever LED 10W is a great place to start.

The Lighting Ever 100018 provides enough light from a mere 10 watts to compare with your current 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are long lasting. The Lighting Ever bulb can last up to 22.8 years, nearly 20 times longer than a standard light bulb's life span.

No hazardous materials are contained within this light bulb, unlike the curly CFL light bulbs that contain mercury. With no hazardous materials inside, the Lighting Ever LED 10 watt is much easier to recycle when it comes to the end of its life, and you can dispose of it at any recycling station.

The best LED light bulbs provide omnidirectional light that fills a whole room, but the Lighting Ever provides directional light, which means that it is best used in lamps or fixtures that only need a narrow beam spread such as a table lamp. This LED bulb is optimal for indoor use, but is not the best choice for outdoor fixtures such as a porch light. Fortunately, it fits easily into any standard-size light bulb base, so you don't have to worry about finding an uncommon size at your local hardware store.

The Lighting Ever comes on instantly when you flip the switch, giving you visibility immediately. LED lights have the advantage over CFL lights, which have to warm up to their full brightness in about a minute. Unfortunately, this bulb is not compatible with dimmer switches.

This LED bulb has a five-year warranty that covers replacement if the bulb fails. Five years is slightly above the average warranty length. You can contact the manufacturer by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns about your LED 10-watt bulb.

  • Energy Used
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
  • Lumens
  • Bulb Lifespan
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Warranty
  1. The amount of energy the bulb needs to operate. Lower is better.
  2. 10  Lighting Ever 10W
    10.0 Watts
  3. 9.5 Watts
  4. 11.0 Watts
  5. 10.0 Watts
  6. Category Average
    10.25 Watts


The Lighting Ever LED 10 watt is an adequate light bulb that generates brightness comparable to an incandescent 60-watt light bulb. While it isn't as flexible or powerful as the best LED bulbs, it still makes a good replacement bulb and can save you money and power for close to 23 years.

Lighting Ever 10W 100018 Visit Site