The Insteon Multi-Location smart light switch is designed to give you access to all the lights in your home, whether from a single switch, a remote or your mobile phone. It has a simple, intuitive design that allows you to quickly install and begin using it on a daily basis. The switch can be integrated into your existing home's electrical wiring without needing additional work.

This smart light switch is easy to install. You can attach the wires like with any other switch, but you also need a neutral wire as with other smart switches such as the Ankuoo NEO. If your home doesn't have that wire, the unit comes with a SwitchLinc 2-wire dimmer setup that lets you adjust lighting levels for the room.

The light controller is capable of handling up to 1,000 watts for rooms with numerous lights. It supports both 100-277VAC and 50/60Hz electrical systems, which means it is usable in U.S. and international homes alike. The unit also utilizes a dual-band setup, which is needed to interface with multiple smart lighting controls elsewhere in the home.

Setup of the device allows you to control up to nine wireless lighting control switches throughout the house. It comes with the ability to set the speed of light fading between on and off, as well as a preset on-level to always remember the brightness you most commonly use. It is compatible with a handheld Insteon remote, which is sold separately, and can be accessed remotely via your computer or mobile phone through an app. Using the free app, you can adjust all of Insteon light switches throughout your home.

The Insteon Multi-Location is an intuitive smart device that takes advantage of increased in-home connectivity. You can connect multiple switches together within your home and easily access every switch from a single control. Or, if you really want to create a home of the future, you can use the mobile phone app for even more convenient access no matter your location. Whether you're in bed or on vacation thousands of miles away, you can still access and control your smart home.

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