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Grammarly Review

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PROS / Grammarly scores high in accuracy, ease of use and offers great feedback to help you learn grammar rules.

CONS / This service's processing speed to find grammatical errors is slower than those of its competitors. It does not offer live chat.

 VERDICT / Grammarly is the best overall online grammar checker; it offers thorough and accurate tools, features and explanations of grammar rules. You can't go wrong with this online service.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Online Grammar Check reviews.

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Grammarly operates as an automated proofreader and virtual grammar coach. This online grammar check won't find all your grammar mistakes, but it scored relatively high in our Accuracy tests, and offers a full slate of tools and features to help correct and improve your grammar.

  1. The percent of mistakes identified, graded on a curve.
  2. 1 Grammarly
    95 Percent
  3. 95 Percent
  4. 100 Percent
  5. Category Average
    79.20 Percent

Grammarly is the only product on our lineup to offer all the Editing & Feedback tools we looked for in our evaluation, and its online interface is smooth, modern and easy to use. Grammarly earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

The company boasts that the product can find more than 250 types of grammatical errors and help to improve varied types of writing, including business documents, reports, academic writing, book reviews, research papers, dissertations, presentations, blogs, news posts and creative writing.


Grammarly checks for a large number of grammar errors, but it still isn't as accurate as a human editor. Our test paragraph featured a variety of handpicked grammatical and spelling errors. This grammar check service received an Accuracy Score of 95 percent. However, no product in our ranking found all the mistakes in our test paragraph, so we graded on a curve. Comparatively, Microsoft Word scored 78 percent in finding errors in our bad-grammar test paragraph.

Grammarly's spell check finds all spelling errors and the online grammar checker points out mistakes in capitalization, subject/verb agreement, use of articles, use of negatives, use of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs and modifiers. It finds bad sentence structure and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly is one of three online grammar check services that offers all the accuracy tools we evaluated in our review.

Editing & Feedback

Grammarly does a thorough grammar check, and includes an accurate online spell check. It offers synonyms to help with vocabulary enhancement. These tools are essential in creating a well-written paper, memo or other communication. This online editor also offers MS Office integration.

Grammarly is the only online grammar check service that has a tool to check for plagiarism. It found some plagiarized phrases in our test paragraph that also appear on the web. However, when we used four famous clauses from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness" – Grammarly failed to recognize it. However, when we pasted just that sentence into the Grammarly review box, it did identify the plagiarism.

Grammarly gives good feedback. To the right of your text, it offers a breakdown of your mistakes. You can get a colorful summary of your mistakes and save and print a report in PDF format. You can click on a highlighted word, denoting an error, to see possible corrections and reasons for the error, and get the same information by clicking on the list of issues to the right.

The Dashboard link in the online user interface brings you to a statistical summary of your errors and a virtual Personal Grammar Handbook with your name on it. The handbook lists the most relevant rules based on your Grammarly usage. These can range from compound sentences without commas to run-on sentences to colon misuse and any mistake you can make.

Ease of Use

The online user interface is clean and utilitarian. It is among the easiest to use of all online grammar checkers we reviewed. It does what it sets out to do: review, point out and correct your bad grammar and spelling errors, while offering relevant feedback and grammar explanations.

There's a large white review window into which you past your text to be corrected, and a few simple buttons at the top of the page. They include paste and upload buttons, a Start Review button, to begin Grammarly's search for errors, and another button to find plagiarism. Yet another button lets you copy the text, and there's one to download it too. The final button clears the text so that you can paste in new text.

When this grammar check detects errors, it presents them to you one at a time. The erring word or sentence is highlighted in light red, and a text box with an explanation appears just below it. You can view a short explanation or a long explanation of the error. The long explanation fully identifies the grammar rule being broken. It also lists incorrect and correct examples and even exceptions to the rule. The long explanation is good for those who are seeking to learn English grammar, such as non-English speakers learning the language. However, if you're just looking for corrections and brief explanations, you may want to use the short explanations feature to save time.

You can click on the suggested correction in either box and the suggested text replaces your error in your text. It appears in light blue. You can ignore the suggested correction or click Next to see the next editing suggestion.

We tested a 340-word paragraph five times for correction speed and averaged the trials. Grammarly has the slowest speed at 8.2 seconds. It took an average of 18.3 seconds to find errors in this 1,000-plus word review.

Help & Support

Grammarly offers a knowledgebase and comprehensive Usage Manual with demonstrative screenshots to show you how to log in and use this online grammar checker. You can post questions to an online forum and interact with other users. There's a FAQs page to help answer any questions you may have, and telephone support. Grammarly does not offer live chat.


This online grammar checker is thorough and accurate. It's easy to use and provides useful feedback, though the long explanations may give you more information than you want. This grammar check service has a high Accuracy Score and recognizes a variety of common grammatical errors. However, it does not catch every one. Grammarly should not be considered the final word in spelling, syntax and grammar, but it is a helpful aid when you need a spelling and grammar check. In addition, its extensive explanations and personal grammar handbook can teach you grammar rules.

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