Ryder is one of the few truck rental companies that's available nationwide and in Canada, but it only offers local truck rental services. You are required to return rental trucks to the location you picked up from. So, if you need a one-way truck rental, you're better off choosing one of the three big companies that offer that service. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 15 percent of the population moves every year, which comes to more than 40 million people. Most of those people moving are doing so locally – nearly 23.5 million of those people moved within the same county, so Ryder would be a good choice.

Aside from cargo vans, Ryder rents two large moving trucks – one is 16 feet long and the other 26 feet – so there are definitely fewer options through Ryder than other companies. Ryder has about 500 locations where you can rent a truck, but again, these are round-trip rentals, so you must return the truck to the same location.

You can reserve a moving truck rental from Ryder by calling a local office or through a form on Ryder's website. If you have questions about a truck rental, rates or policies, you can talk to a customer support representative via live chat on Ryder's website. It's possible to get a cheap truck rental from Ryder, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you make a reservation.

For one thing, Ryder does not rent trucks in 24-hour periods, so if you pick up a truck at noon on a Monday and return it at noon the next day, you're charged for two days. Ryder requires a credit card for a deposit and, of course, a valid driver's license to rent a truck. This isn't a full-service truck rental company, so you can't do one-stop shopping with Ryder. It doesn't have car carriers or tow dollies for you to haul your vehicle, so keep that in mind when you make a reservation. You cannot tow your own trailer or dolly using a Ryder truck either.

Although Ryder doesn't offer as many options as similar companies, it's a good choice when you simply need to move your belongings from one home to another that's nearby. Some Ryder locations rent out hand trucks and furniture pads to protect your furniture in transit.

Generally, you can expect to pay about $100 per day for the 16-foot truck from Ryder, but prices may be higher or lower in your city and for your local office's supply. Just as with any other truck rental company, you should plan to move any time other than summer to get the best rates. You can choose to rent by the week, which may save you money. Ryder also charges mileage, so keep that in mind when you budget for your move. With a quick search online for a Ryder coupon, you may be able to apply discounts to your rental.