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Pros / It offers advanced features like call monitoring and call routing, which you'd pay extra for with other VoIP providers.

Cons / The software is somewhat outdated.

 Verdict / Jive has VoIP service plans with features that other services charge extra for. It is a good all-around choice for small business owners.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

This cloud-based VoIP phone service offers service plans with premium features for one, all-inclusive price. While some services offer plans that let you add or remove features, Jive offers prebuilt plans with many features included at no extra cost.

Jive helps you connect with clients and improve communication with voice calling and video conferencing. It also merges with popular software like Outlook and Google. For these reasons, Jive is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for best VoIP service.

Since Jive is a cloud-based system, setup is a breeze. You don't have to maintain any hardware, aside from the phones you connect to your system. If you need VoIP SIP phones, you can lease or purchase them directly from Jive. This system is essentially plug and play, so even individuals with no technical experience can get the VoIP phone system up and running. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, Jive operates on any smartphone, tablet or computer.


Call queuing is an important tool for limiting hold times and improving overall customer service. This feature is especially useful for times when you have a large volume of calls. Jive provides a couple different queuing options, including ring all, which rings all of your agents until someone picks up; round robin, which evenly distributes calls among your employees; least recent, which directs calls to the agent who least recently took a call; and fewest calls, which directs callers to the agent handling the fewest calls. This VoIP provider also supports ring groups, which evenly distributes calls based on groups like your accounting or sales department.

Jive's VoIP service includes premium features that frequently cost extra with other providers. In addition to the above call-queuing features, Jive offers several call-monitoring options, including Spy Mode, which lets supervisors listen in on calls; Whisper Mode, which lets a manager speak to the agent without the client hearing; and Barge Mode, which lets a manager assume control over an ongoing call.

This VoIP service provider integrates with Outlook, Salesforce and Oracle. This lets you access all of your important client data while you are on a call, saving your agents the trouble of toggling back and forth between screens.

Call analytics help you view your performance. Stats provided by Jive include basic call logs and more advanced reports like geo-based heat maps and user statistics. This information helps you manage your business plan to meet customer demand and train agents appropriately.

One downside of Jive's service is its outdated interface. While the system is easy enough to use, it could use an update to bring it in line with other top VoIP services.

Call Management

Jive offers call-management features, including a virtual attendant, which directs clients to the right department or representative. You can even create custom prompts. The automated attendant can be programmed to inform callers of office hours and update them about upcoming closures or promotions.

Service Plan

This VoIP service has 11 servers across the country and operates on a reliable, fully redundant network. Of the providers on our list, Jive has the second-highest number of servers. RingCentral has 15 servers.

Jive offers a service-level agreement, meaning it stands by its promise of providing a network with little to no downtime. The pricing structure is organized into five tiers and is based on the number of users you have. The more users you have, the less you pay per line.

Based on this pricing structure, Jive might not be the best option for small businesses, since they will pay more per line than their larger counterparts. We found that Jive costs $4,300 per year for 15 users, which is $1,000 more than the average. Plans are all month to month, with no long-term commitment required.

While some services include one free number, toll-free or local, Jive charges $1.75 each month. You do have the option to port your existing phone number to the service, and Jive offers unlimited domestic and in-network calling.

Help & Support

The company's website is easy to use and provides relevant, helpful information. The online knowledgebase is fully searchable and includes a FAQs page and downloadable PDFs on a number of support topics. You can reach representatives 24/7 via email, telephone and live chat.


Because of its complete set of features, including call monitoring and call queuing (which other providers charge for), Jive is a top contender in VoIP phone services. However, it might not be the best choice for smaller business who will find themselves paying more per line.