Software manufacturer CyberLink provides a handful of photo editing applications to help you retouch and perfect your photos. In addition, applications such as MakeupDirector include a complete makeup kit that allows you to add makeup art to the subjects in your photos.

CyberLink's photo retouching products are designed to help you create flawless images. Products from this company, such as MakeupDirector, provide a complete makeup kit, including options for your face, eyes, lips, skin, cheeks, etc. In addition, many of these applications allow you to apply and utilize each of the features with just a few mouse clicks.

Some applications feature face-mapping technology. With this tool, the software places dots on the subject's face so you can more easily make the adjustments as needed.

Other CyberLink applications, such as PhotoDirector, provide tools to help you perfect your subjects. You can reshape faces. You can also add color to the skin, creating a tanner appearance. Furthermore, you can remove blemishes and wrinkles on your subjects to create beautiful skin. Besides makeup, you can touch up a subject's hair by changing his or her hair color.

You may even find special effects with certain CyberLink software programs that, for instance, allow you to blur objects in the background thereby creating more focus on your subjects. Furthermore, most of CyberLink's applications support high resolution images. This allows you to work on larger screens and create larger prints.

Many of CyberLink's applications allow you to make your changes with just one click. You can click on dozens of templates that will automatically adjust your portraits. When using the MakeupDirector application, you can click on several makeup templates to change a person's appearance with just one click of your mouse. For example, you can add costume makeup or apply a bashful or dreamy effect to your subjects.

CyberLink provides many customer support options for its products. You can access the company FAQs for purchase or general information. There is also telephone support, or you can submit a service ticket. Unfortunately, we could not find any live chat support options available.

CyberLink provides many applications to help you perfect your images. You can give your subjects a full makeover or add special effects to your images. The features and tools available differ by product, but each application available from this company is extensive. Additionally, its customer support is superb, with many resources available to help address any questions you may have.

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