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Pros / This program uses an interview format and step-by-step instructions for each section.

Cons / You have to pay extra to create a living will or a Power of Attorney.

 Verdict / LegalZoom is a powerful tool for creating your will and the support documents to go with it.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

LegalZoom is a top-notch will-making software that is one of the easiest programs to use, yet it doesn't skimp on the important tools and functions. It gives you excellent support options, so by the time you're finished, you are confident in your finished will. These are a few of the features that make LegalZoom a great solution and the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

Document Creation Tools

LegalZoom is very simple to use, incorporating an interview-style format yet still providing text fields so you can include more, specific information regarding the care of your minor children, the distribution of assets and the sale of property. Starting with defining whether you are single, married, with or without children, or a pet owner, LegalZoom walks you through each step of writing your will. It includes a glossary of legal terms to help you understand each section of the will-creating process and a tracker to see how you are progressing.

While LegalZoom doesn't include a checklist to help you know the information you need to gather before starting your will, it does provide worksheets to help you keep track of information as you enter it. You have the opportunity to preview the finished product before printing your final document and having it signed by your witnesses to make it a legal last will and testament.

Documents Created

After you're finished writing your last will and testament, LegalZoom lets you create many important supporting documents. These include a schedule of asset that details all of your property and final instructions for survivors, caregivers and executors. LegalZoom does have the option to help you create a health care directive and a Power of Attorney; however, these cost extra rather than being included as part of the last will and testament program.

Help & Support

LegalZoom is the only will software we reviewed that gives you all the important support options you need as you do your own will. You are given both telephone and email support for any questions you have about the software program. The FAQs section is very in-depth, covering a lot of material. With your purchase of this will-making software, you have access to the lawyer directory, to help you find a local attorney, and the reference guide if you need a little extra help with legal terminology.


LegalZoom helps you through each step and section of creating a last will and testament. The tools included help you create a will, executor documents and a schedule of assets. These tools are also available if you wish to write a living will or a Power of Attorney, though it costs you extra to create these documents.

LegalZoom Visit Site