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Pros / This is an easy program to use while creating your own will.

Cons / There is no checklist of documents you need to create your will.

 Verdict / Rocket Lawyer helps you create all the important documents you need for planning your estate including a will, schedule of assets and Power of Attorney.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Rocket Lawyer is an online will-making software solution that uses an interview format and step-by-step instructions to help you do your own will. The design is clean and easy to navigate and the result is an in-depth last will and testament ready to become a legal binding document with your witnesses' signatures. The inclusion of so many important document tools and support features, such as legal references and lawyer directories, make Rocket Lawyer one of the best will software programs and our Top Ten Review Silver Award winner.

Document Creation Tools

This program includes more document tools compared to most of the will software we reviewed. You have asset worksheets, a progress check and legal term glossary at your fingertips. Rocket Lawyer also has sample wills on its website so you can browse through and get ideas to include in your own document. The only tool missing is a checklist to help you gather all the important and necessary information you need to refer to and include as you go through the will-writing process. When you're done, you can choose to save your last will and testament in a PDF format on your own computer or print it out right away.

Rocket Lawyer does offer a free trial, lasting a week, to allow you to play around and create your estate planning, but you can't view or print your final will with this offer. You are charged the monthly user fee if you don't cancel before the end of that first week.

Documents Created

A last will and testament is not the only important document you need as part of your estate-planning portfolio. Rocket Lawyer has the tools and features to guide you through writing a health care directive, or living will; a Power of Attorney, for both financial and health decisions; and a schedule of assets. You can also use this program to create supportive documents, such as caregiver and survivor instructions, and final-arrangement directives. If you find that you need to throw away a current will and start again, Rocket Lawyer helps you create the revocation documents you need to declare it null and void before starting over again.

Help & Support

Rocket Lawyer is one of the easiest programs to use compared to other will software we reviewed. Still, if you find that you need a little help, you have some great resources to tap into. Telephone numbers are easy to locate on the website as is a FAQs section that answers both basic, common questions and some in-depth legal questions. If you need more legal direction, Rocket Lawyer has a legal reference guide and a feature that lets you ask specific legal questions through an online form and receive an answer from a real attorney. You can also use the lawyer directory to find an attorney in your area.


Doing your own will isn't difficult when you have the best tools available in a program that is easy to navigate. Rocket Lawyer is one of the best will software programs because it has all these features in addition to connecting you with local attorneys for some one-on-one help and a legal reference guide to help you understand legal terms that are important for writing a will. You don't have to stop with a last will and testament since Rocket Lawyer also has the tools to create a living will, executor documents and other important pieces of your estate plan.

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