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FlipBook Review

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Digicel’s FlipBook cartoon maker software uses time-honored animation methods to create your animation masterpieces and is designed with the traditional animation artist in mind. It doesn’t have character libraries and templates like other digital 2D animation software, so you have to draw everything yourself. Still, FlipBook has the professional tools you need to create high-quality animations. This animation program provides one foreground layer and background layer and can hold up to 300 frames.

The pencil tool has an adjustable stroke size so you can choose the thickness of the lines you draw. In addition, with the bounding box tool, you can create square and rectangle shapes as well as designate areas you wish to fill or erase. You can use any TWAIN scanner to directly import your paper and pencil sketches into the program, and you can also import pictures in JPEG, PNG and BMP formats for use in your project.

If you plan to draw your characters in the program rather than scan in images, a drawing tablet is one of the best ways to use animation software. FlipBook is fully compatible with Wacom brand and most other tablets. This animation maker recognizes pencil pressure when using a tablet. Its responsiveness helps maintain accuracy, so drawings on the screen look just like they do on your sketchpad. This animation software does not use vector-based images, so you cannot convert any of your drawings to vector graphics.

With FlipBook, you can use onion skinning, an animation technique that allows you to see the frame you are currently working over the previous and next frame. Seeing the position of your character in the previous frame helps you make movements natural and realistic. This software does not use a bone-rigging system, and there is no option to create animation paths.

Support is available but limited for this animation software. The program comes with a help file that walks you through the program’s tools and procedures. If you need additional help, the FlipBook homepage has a support section with an email address and a few video tutorials. You can also call customer support if you prefer to talk to a representative.