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HitFilm Pro is professional video editing software that marries traditional non-linear editing tools with a high-level video effects compositor. It's a great choice for filmmakers, professional video editors and other visual content producers who want the ability to create those eye-popping graphics seen in Hollywood movies without switching between editing and compositing programs.

This pro video editor features the familiar timeline workflow that allows you to easily make basic edits like J and L cuts. But it also has more advanced features like a dedicated trimmer, color grading, advanced keyframing, 3D titling and more.

HitFilm comes with over 500 video effects and presets you can use to create effects like lightsabers, muzzle flashes, explosions, energy distortions and particle emitters. And that's just to start; it will take you a while to explore all the effects HitFilm offers.

HitFilm also comes with a full array of audio editing tools. Most important is the audio mixer, which enables you to fine-tune the sound of your video projects. You won't have to switch to another audio editing program like Adobe Audition to get your audio sounding exactly the way you want it to.

One other feature it has is the ability to auto sync audio captured from different sources. For example, if you've captured video on a DSLR and audio on a separate audio recorder, you can load both elements into HitFilm, select the Auto-Sync option, and it will line them up perfectly. This is a great feature that not only saves time, but it also improves the accuracy of your audio syncing.

HitFilm Pro comes bundled with Ignite Pro, which is a plug-in that brings HitFilm's graphic effects goodness to whatever professional video editing application you use. This means that if you're already invested in a program like Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, Media Composer or Final Cut Pro X, you can create breathtaking visual effects without having to leave your primary editing application.

This professional video editing software has a learning curve, but that's to be expected with a program that does as much as this one can. Fortunately, HitFilm's YouTube channel has more than 60 how-to tutorials that walk you through many of the program's features and tools. Plus, there are dozens of other videos that delve into more advanced tricks and tips so you can get the most out of this professional video editing software.

If high-powered video effects and graphics are what you're looking for, HitFilm Pro has everything you need. It's a non-linear editor and visual effects creator rolled into one application. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple programs to edit video, audio and graphics. It's a great choice for visual effects heavy projects.