4 Pieces to Planning the Perfect Pool Party

It s your time to shine. The neighborhood is joining you at your house for the block party of the year. You have the food and the pool, but no idea how to entertain your guests. Look no further than this list of the ideal outdoor party toys for all ages.

Of course, the best outdoor parties have loud, fun music, and the best way to play that music outside is with loudest and highest quality wireless speakers. Make sure to pick up the wireless speaker that best suits your needs by looking at our matrix and determining what your best fit is. Now, without further ado, here are four essential toys for your next pool party:

Russian Roulette Water Balloons
A simple toy provides a lot of fun with the right crowd. The Russian Roulette Water Balloon gun by Can You Imagine will entertain endlessly and likely be the center of attention for partygoers. Load up a balloon and take turns pulling the trigger as the ring around the balloon tightens with every round. If it pops on your head, you re out!

Giant Beach Ball
Sure, beach balls are fun. They re a lot more fun when they re twice your size! The Jumbo Beach Ball from US Games is a durable and highly entertaining addition to any backyard party. It s a kid magnet, too. Be ready for fun both in and out of the water with this fun toy.

 Underwater Torpedo
Every good pool party needs a diving game. The Swimways Toypedo Revolution twists and turns under water, making it tough to catch along with it being the perfect weapon for your underwater arsenal. There is liquid inside of the toy that spins along with the torpedo itself, and bright colorful glitter makes it easier to spot for kids.

Water Shooting RC Helicopter
Do you need even more watery weaponry? The Water Shooting RC Helicopter from Ebest has you covered, and at a great price. This RC chopper has a miniature squirt gun rigged to the bottom, and it can fly just like any other RC helicopter. Simply load up your ammunition, stealthily fly up behind your unsuspecting targets and blast away!

These five outdoor pool party toys will ensure that your guests are entertained for hours. Be sure to keep the party loud with quality wireless speakers, as well.