5 ways to navigate the appliance shortage of 2022

Appliance shortage 2022
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There's a good chance that the appliance shortage of 2022 has impacted you if you've been renovating, have moved house or simply tried to purchase an appliance over the last two years. 

The global pandemic has brought underlying issues in supply chains to the surface across the world. There are problems at almost every stage, from material shortages halting the production of vital chips and parts, staff sickness and isolations, a lack of truckers and even a shortage of port workers to unload the goods.  

Combined with high demand and generalized retail closures, it's no surprise it's hard to get your hands on one of the best french-door refrigerators or the best dishwashers. Some manufacturers have months-long waiting lists and backorders for some vital units might not be fulfilled until the end of the year.

However, it's not completely impossible to replace your white goods during this appliance shortage; we've got some tips to help you on your search.

Appliance shortage 2022 tips

1. Consult our buying guides

As well as being informative and comprehensive, our buying guides contain vital information about stocks at different retailers. Data is scraped every day from dozens of retailer websites to show you the latest deals and availability for any appliance you can think of. 

2. Don't forget about independent retailers

While big stores such as Amazon or BestBuy might be out of the appliances you're looking for, some smaller retailers might still have it in stock. You can get other perks from shopping small too, such as installation and repair services.

Don't limit your search to online either, as some physical stores might not have a website listing their stock. Research the appliance stores in your area on Google Maps and ring or plan visits to check whether they might have the units you're after.

appliance shortage 2022

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3. Sign up to alerts and waiting lists

Many retailers offer a notification service to alert you when something comes back in stock. Make the most of this and sign up to alerts to make sure you don't miss your dream appliance!

Smaller stores also often have waiting lists you can add your name to to receive white goods and appliances when they come back in stock. A handy option if you can afford to wait a bit!

4. Find alternatives

It might be that you just can't find the appliance at the top of your wishlist anywhere. In that case, consider other brands, including some that aren't household names. The quality of their products is sometimes comparable to bigger brands, and the price is often cheaper! 

A great example of this comes from our best dryers buying guide. The GE GFD55ESSNWW dryer comes top of the list overall, but the budget option, the Amana ND4655EW, is rated similarly and boasts a $600 cheaper price tag. 

5. If all else fails, repair!

If you just can't find an appliance or the waiting lists at retailers are too long, you might want to consider repairing your old appliances. This solution is often cheaper and far more sustainable than buying a whole new product. 

Make sure to check if your warranty is still active and contact local companies who offer white goods repair services. 

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