Apple Watch sleep tracking could help you get a better night’s sleep soon

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Apple Watch sleep tracking to help you get a better night’s sleep soon

The Apple Watch could soon include features that track how well you sleep.

According to a report from 9to5mac, Apple sources say that we’ll see a new sleep tracking feature called “Time in Bed tracking” as early as next week. That’s when Apple will have its major annual event where it traditionally unveils its new iPhones and Apple Watches. 

The latest versions of the Apple Watch have sensors that can track everything from your heart rate to motion. They also have a microphones and so can pick up nighttime noises such as breathing and snoring. All the data from these sensors will be sent to the Health app and assess the quality of your sleep. There will also be a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch. 

While it is a surprise that it’s taken this long for Apple to add its own sleep tracking app to its popular wearable, there is a downside. You will have to wear your Apple Watch while sleeping for it to be able to gather the data needed. Some may find that uncomfortable, but, the bigger problem is that you won’t be able to charge your Apple Watch at night. 

Apple has considered this and will remind users to charge their Apple Watch before going to bed so it can last the night and through the next day. 

There are plenty of third-party sleep tracking apps for the Watch via the App Store, but Apple will be adding its own neat touches. 

For example, Do Not Disturb will turn itself on when you go to bed and if you wake up before your alarm goes off it will automatically turn off. 

If you don’t like waking up to a loud noise then you’ll also be able to set a silent alarm so you can wake up with vibrations instead. This feature already exists on the Apple Watch, but you need to have the Watch on silent mode to take advantage of it. 

One thing that hasn’t come out of the rumors is whether the new sleep tracker will recognize the stages of your sleep cycle and wake you at the best time.  The theory  is that if you wake up in the early stages of a cycle you’ll feel more refreshed. 

We also don’t know whether these bedtime and sleep tracking features will only be available on the new Apple Watch, or whether older Apple Watches will benefit too. 

We’ll have to wait until September 10 to find out for sure. 

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