Verizon offers free year of AMC+ to some subscribers

Verizon offers free year of AMC+ to some subscribers
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Verizon has announced a new addition to its unlimited data plan with new and existing customers benefiting from up to a year's subscription to AMC+ alongside existing freebies provided by the cell phone provider.

Normally priced at $8.99 per month, AMC+ might not have featured on our look at the best TV streaming services but it still offers some great content, especially for free if you're a Verizon wireless customer. This includes well-known shows including The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Orphan Black, and Portlandia. 

To gain free access to AMC+ as a Verizon customer, you'll need to either sign up to the Start Unlimited plan, the Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, or Get More Unlimited plans. The 4G-based Start Unlimited plan provides customers with just 6 months of AMC+ for free while the others all give users the full 12 months. 

If you're a new Verizon Fios customer that signs up to one of Verizon's Mix & Match home internet plans, you're also eligible for the deal. Verizon Fios featured in our look at the best internet providers for good reason so it's worth considering. 

AMC+ The Walking Dead

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The AMC+ deal goes alongside Verizon's other limited free subscriptions which include Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ so there's no shortage of content here from one of the best cell phone providers. A reliable choice for 5G connectivity along with providing some of the best phone selections (including many of the best smartphones), Verizon isn't the cheapest of options out there but with a wealth of freebies, it's certainly great value for money if you love to stream new content. 

The timing is great too if you happen to be a fan of The Walking Dead with the new season - season 11 - launching August 22 on AMC+. 

Other wireless companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T offer similar deals with AT&T providing free HBO Max and T-Mobile bundling in Netflix with unlimited data plan. 

The free AMC+ deal at Verizon runs until February 10 so you have a bit of time to decide what to do. To sweeten the deal, Verizon also offers security features such as a filter for blocking spoofed phone numbers too.

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