Backyard makeover tips: Fun ideas for brightening up your outdoor space

Backyard makeover tips: Fast and fun ideas for brightening up your outdoor space
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Backyard makeovers don’t have to involve huge amounts of money and suck up lots of your time, and with summer just around the corner, you might be wondering what you can do to turn around your outdoor space quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to instantly refresh the look of your backyard. These tips are designed to be things you can spring into action with immediately in order to change the whole look of your space.

Getting your home and garden in great shape in time for entertaining guests and all those warm summer evenings might seem a bit stressful at first, but with the best home design software, you can plot short and more long-term renovations easily. That might include finding a good spot outside to plant a tree or place a birdbath, so you know exactly how it’ll look before you put it there. In the meantime, these quick backyard makeover tricks will have your garden looking lovely in no time.

Backyard makeover: Quick tips to get you started

  • Clean up your yard
  • Rearrange your garden furniture 
  • Cover bare earth with instant plants and shrubs 
  • Dress up parasols and trellis’ with garden lights 
  • Get cozy around a fire pit 
  • Prepare for a cookout with an outdoor grill
  • Soak away the day with an inflatable tub
  • Divide up your garden by rearranging furniture

Backyard makeover tips: Fast and fun ideas for brightening up your outdoor space

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 1. Spring clean your yard 

The first step to rejuvenating your backyard is a clean-up operation. Get results in an instant with the help of the best pressure washers, and eradicate dirt from decking, brickwork, fences, or wooden surfaces. You’ll be sure to be impressed with the ‘before and after’ pictures of your space after they’ve come under the power of one of these washers, which can even be put to work on exterior walls. 

As a general rule, pressure washers can be used across outdoor surfaces such as patios, paving, driveways, and other sturdily built surfaces. Patio furniture should also be able to withstand a meeting with a pressure washer, so you can get to work on refreshing that too. 

Once your surfaces are looking altogether shinier, you can get a grip on any pesky unwanted shrubbery with the best electric weed eaters, which will enable you to neaten up any areas that might have grown unruly. The magic of a quick clean should never be underestimated and combined with a tidy up of your plants, you should be able to see the difference already.

2. Define your backyard space 

Making clear distinctions between different spaces in your garden is an easy way to break up space, and inject style. Whether you want to carve out a lounging area, an eating zone or a place for your kids to run around, creating divisions is sure to help each space feel more suitable. 

And making these zones feel more tangible doesn’t have to cost you anything either. Why not rearrange any garden furniture you already have, or might have in storage and set it up specific areas for relaxing or playing. Or, you could create a patio or decking zone from inexpensive wooden materials, as well as create a makeshift bar and invite all your friends for drinks.

Backyard makeover tips: Fast and fun ideas for brightening up your outdoor space

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3. Make your lawn the envy of your neighbors 

A luscious green lawn is likely to be the centerpiece of any lovely-looking yard, and there’s no end to the wonders a quick run around with one of the best gas lawn mowers can do. With the arrival of the summer months, getting into a routine with your lawn care is essential, so why not treat yourself to a shiny new model in order to motivate yourself to get out there and make it look perfect.

And with help from our guide on how to create lawn stripes, you can make your backyard fit for a king and have all your guests asking how you managed it. Though it’s important to make a move to secure a new lawnmower sooner rather than later, as we’re entering peak season for gardening tool sales. 

Check out our hub of cheap lawnmower deals, and bag yourself a bargain before the best models are snapped up.

4. Cover barren ground with instant shrubs

If a yard looks straggly, adding in instant plants, hedges and other greenery will instantly transform it. A trip to the garden center will not only revitalize the look of your space, but might inspire the whole family to do more green-fingered activities too, and get to grips with nature. You don’t have to wait a whole season to see the fruits of your labor with ready to plant shrubs, and instead can enjoy your yard in bloom immediately. 

These pink camellias are sure to make you feel more summery once they’re planted in your yard or you could pick up this persimmon tree, and have tasty fruit as a feature of your garden too.

5. Spice things up with an outdoor grill 

There’s no better excuse for a get-together than a cookout, and the best outdoor grills are the perfect way to get the conversation flowing whilst tucking into some lovely food. And you don’t necessarily need to opt for a hefty model to become a permanent fixture on your patio either; opting for a more portable-sized grill means you can take your appliance to friend’s gatherings too.

If you already have a gas grill that just needs a quick spruce up, why not consider creating an inviting space to settle down and eat under with some of the best solar outdoor lights? These will look lovely when trailed to create a canopy over any outdoor structures. Even better, as Instagrammer Frankie Johnson has done above, you can add in a hammock chair for an instant style upgrade, and nestle into a cozy corner of your garden for an evening of bliss.

6. Introduce a water therapy element

There’s nothing better than a relaxing dip after a long, hot summer’s day. An outdoor space that also has an area where you can wind down is sure to be a winner with adults and children alike, especially one that can be inflated in a matter of hours. That’s why adding one of the best inflatable hot tubs is an instant and easy way to create a little oasis of fun and relaxation.

Inflatables are an excellent way to incorporate all of the elements of hydrotherapy and entertainment into a low hassle purchase, and are cheaper (though not as powerful) as the very best hot tubs. And you don’t need to decide on a permanent spot with an inflatable, so you can even pack it up and take it on vacation with you.

The incorporation of an inflatable tub is sure to encourage the whole family to spend more time in your outside space and will be a winner with any guests too. The biggest portable tubs can fit in up to seven people, so you can share the experience with a host of friends. If you suffer from aches and pains, and envisioning a backyard you can really wind down in, then you could select a smaller inflatable tub with more bubbles/jets, to massage the stresses of the day away.

Backyard makeover tips: Fast and fun ideas for brightening up your outdoor space

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7. Create the perfect ambience with a fire pit

There’s something innately comforting about crowding around a fire, so why not create a seated section of your garden which you can keep lounging in even after the sun has gone down. One of the best fire pits is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to entertain, and can even double up as a perfect marshmallow toasting tool for the kids too.

There are plenty of fire pits to suit any style or size of backyard. Check out our review of the Amazon Basics 26" Geometric Square Fire Pit if you need something for a smaller space that's also affordable. For anyone who wants to make their fire pit the center of their garden, then check out our Tiki Brand Fire Pit review, a model not only looks great but will keep your guests feeling toasty too.  

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