Best Bread Machine

best bread machine
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A bread machine is an easy way to fill your home with the aroma of fresh bread. It also helps in becoming more self-sufficient and creating a healthier lifestyle because you know what’s going into your bread. Here are the best bread machines for your busy lifestyle. 

Best bread machine overall

best bread machine

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Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

13 settings and four loaf sizes

The Breville BBM800KL is a high-quality, user-friendly bread maker that’s fully programmable with 13 automatic settings. It can bake four loaf sizes including an impressive 2.5-pound loaf. It features a collapsible paddle that prevents the hole typically left by the kneading paddle in other breadth machines. The Breville has a nut and fruit compartment that holds extra ingredients until it’s time to add them. It also has an oven light button, a viewing window, and a 13-hour delay timer.

Best gluten-free bread machine

best bread machine

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Hamilton Beach 2LB Digital Bread Maker

Simple design and easy to use

The Hamilton Beach programming menu is easy to use. It has 12 program cycles and three crust settings. This machine has specialty settings for whole grain, gluten-free, French, and sweetbreads. You can also make pizza and roll dough, as well as jam and cake. When you need to add ingredients mid-cycle, the Hamilton Beach bread machine beeps to tell you it’s time. It comes with two paddles, which is nice if you want to make a second loaf while the first paddle is being washed.

Best bread machine for beginners

best bread machine

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Oster Expressbake Bread Maker

Bread in under an hour

This Oster bread maker controls are straightforward, and a digital display lets you know each stage of the bread-making process. There is even an express bake option if you want bread in less than an hour. It can make a 2-pound loaf and has a delay timer, so you can put the ingredients in and wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning. The window on the top is a nice touch that allows you to watch as the machine bakes your bread.

Best value bread machine

best bread machine

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Rosewill RHBM--15001 Rapid Bake Bread Maker

Fully programmable

The Rosewill RHBM-15001 makes bread in two sizes, 1.5 and 2 pounds. It has 12 programs to select from including French, Whole Wheat, Sweet, and Gluten-free bread. It also has a Rapid Bake setting. It adds nuts, seeds, and fruit to your loaves automatically, which is one less thing to worry about. You can choose from three different browning options to choose from when creating your loaf, or make the most of the 13-hour timer and bake some bread overnight. The 11 included bread machine recipes will help you get started.

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While popular recipes for bread machines can be adapted to suit gluten-free requirements or a vegan diet, the best bread machines will have gluten-free settings as standard, as well as options for different loaf sizes and types.

What differentiates budget bread machines from the top-end, very best bread makers is the number of settings offered, the amount of kneading hooks, and any smart functionality or digital displays. Top-end bread machines usually offer twice the kneading power and will work with a range of ingredients such as nuts, fruit, and seeds. 

Speaking of kneading blades, try to choose a bread maker with collapsible blades. We say this because the telltale sign of most loaves made in a bread machine is the hole left in the bottom. This is made by kneading blades and can make for some impractical sandwiches! The more premium models in our best bread makers guide offer collapsible paddles that sit flat, creating a shallow mark instead of an actual hole in your loaf.

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