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Best Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fan
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Need the best ceiling fan for your bedroom, living room, or other warm areas of your home? You’re in the right place as we’ve compared powerful ceiling fans from brands to discover the best of them. Modern ceiling fans will cool down a room, quietly operate, and some have ceiling fan lights too. A cheaper alternative to a central air conditioner, the best ceiling fans are an affordable way to keep you cool. These are our favorite ceiling fans.

Best overall

Best ceiling fan

(Image credit: Amazon)

Westinghouse Lighting 7227240 Vegas

For indoor use

The Westinghouse Lighting Vegas ceiling fan features four, reversible blades with different, traditional style finishes. This makes it easy to update the look of your home without having to swap out the fan. It has an opal frosted light fixture with its own chain pull to control it. This Westinghouse ceiling fan has a reverse function so you can use it in both summer and winter. It is for indoor use, only, but it is large enough to cool large rooms, up to 20 square meters.

Best value

MiniSun ceiling fan

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MiniSun Modern 6 Blade Ceiling Fan

Great for bedrooms

The MiniSun features smaller blades that still giving you good air circulation. The fan runs quiet and has three different speeds. It is also reversible for winter use to help circulate warm air in your room, which in turn reduces energy costs. The six blades and the LED light fixture each have their own pull-chain control that lets you keep the light off while still running the fan. This fan is finished with both chrome and wood that works in traditional and modern decorated rooms.

Best design

BKZO ceiling fan

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BKZO LED Ceiling Light with Fan

Space-saving design

The BKZO ceiling fan is designed a bit differently than traditional ceiling fans. Rather than using large, exposed blades, the fan is contained within the unit, much like an oscillating fan. Around the fan is a light that is dimmable. Together, the entire light and fan measure 66 cm long. Both the light and the fan can be adjusted from the included remote control, or wired to a traditional wall switch. The fan also has a timer that will automatically shut down the fan after the set time has been reached.

Best for large rooms

Best ceiling fan

(Image credit: Amazon)

CJOY Ceiling Fan with Lamp

Remote controlled

The huge 129-centimeter span of the CJOY ceiling fan covers up to 25 square meters of air to cool down large areas. It is energy efficient and designed to use less energy than other ceiling fan models. The CJOY features five blades and a light that is compatible with dimming light bulbs. Both the fan and the light can be controlled with the included remote including reversing the way the fan blades rotate. The motor of the CJOY ceiling fan runs quietly so as not to distract from activities or interrupt conversations.

Choosing the best ceiling fan

Before you pick a fan, there are a few things to consider first. Where are you going to position your ceiling fan? For large rooms, a 106 to a 132-centimeter fan will suffice, whereas you’ll need something over 142 centimeters for really large spaces. It’s also important to look at the fan’s airflow to ensure it’s going to be powerful enough to cool down your space. Some ceiling fans also let you change the motor’s direction so that you can allow for optimal airflow during warmer and cooler months.

Next up, decide what kind of style and finish you’d like your fan to have. Certain ceiling fans can be mounted flush to the ceiling for a neater finish and others have stylish light fittings too. It’s worth noting that ceiling fan lights will need replacing after a while, but in terms of the warranty, what you need to look for is a good guarantee on the fan’s motor. 

Finally, consider how energy efficient each ceiling fan is. Models that will save you money, in the long run, will have the Energy Star rating, so it’s best to opt for one of those if you can.