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Best electric heater

Best electric heaters
(Image credit: ProBreeze)

Electric heaters are fantastic for warming up a room quickly and keeping away the chill. Most are small, so they don’t take up a lot of space or take away from your home’s décor. But despite their compact size, these machines provide an impressive amount of heat that easily can warm up a bedroom or even a living room. Here is our list of some of the best electric heaters for your home.

Best overall

Russell Hobbs ceramic electric heater

(Image credit: Russell Hobbs)

Russell Hobbs ceramic heater

Cool retro design

The Russell Hobbs ceramic heater is small and portable, but can easily warm a 15 square meter room. Because it heats ceramic plates for warmth, this model doesn’t get as hot to the touch and doesn’t have the same fire risk as other types of space heaters. The machine has two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. Its retro design, especially the evenly placed metal legs, help keep it steady. And, if it does fall, it will turn off and has overheating protection. 

Best wall-mount heater

Warme Designer Wall electric heater

(Image credit: Amazon)

Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Heats up to 22 square metres

The Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater looks like a thin television. This panel hangs on your wall and emits heat in multiple directions to get warm air circulated through the room quickly. Having it hung high keeps it safely away from curious children and energetic pets. It has a digital control panel on the front with three heat settings and a thermostat. There is a timer to control when the heater turns on and off, and it’s waterproof, so it’s safe to use in a bathroom.

Best value

AMOS Halogen electric heater

(Image credit: AMOS)

AMOS Halogen Heater

Ample heat supply

You get two AMON Halogen Heaters in this bundle. Because it uses halogens, these heaters are hot almost immediately when they are turned on. They have three heat settings and an oscillation feature. This allows the heat to disperse around the room more quickly, so you stay warm and comfortable. These heaters have a safety tip-over switch that automatically turns off the unit when it falls. They also monitor their own internal temperature and turns itself off to prevent overheating.

Best personal heater

ProBreeze Mini ceramic electric heater

(Image credit: ProBreeze)

ProBreeze Mini

Heater and fan

The ProBreeze Mini electric heater uses ceramic panels to warm up your room. It has two heat settings, plus it oscillates to move heated air around the room to warm it up quickly and to keep the temperature consistent by eliminating cool spots. Because of its smaller size, the ProBreeze Mini is a great choice to warm up your personal space, including under your desk or on your bedside table. It has a tip-over switch, so it turns off if it tips. It will also turn off if it begins to overheat.

Choosing an electric heater

One of the important things to consider before purchasing an electric heater is the size of the area you want to heat. Smaller space heaters are okay for personal areas or smaller rooms, like a bedroom, though you can use more than one in a larger room and feel comfortable. Oscillating heaters are also good for larger spaces because they keep the warm air moving and don’t allow cooler air to resettle

Another factor to consider is the type of heating element used in the heater. Halogen heaters are hot almost the instant you turn them on, and they get pretty hot. This is great for getting warm quickly, but it also means there is a greater risk of getting burned since the entire unit also gets really hot. Halogen heaters also have a greater risk of causing a fire if anything flammable is too close.

Ceramic heaters warm up ceramic panels inside the unit then use fans to push the heat into the room. The outside of the heater doesn’t get has hot, so it’s easier to move it to where it’s needed even after it’s been turned on. Ceramic heaters don’t have the same risk of causing a fire as halogen heaters, but it is still a good idea to keep flammable materials away from them. 

Safety features are another thing to consider. Look for a heater with a tip switch. This will turn off the heater automatically if it accidentally falls over. Another important safety feature is over-heat protection. This monitors the heater inside and in its immediate environments and will detect if it’s getting too hot. The heater will turn itself off if it senses that it is in danger of overheating.

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