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Best Food Scales

We've been comparing food scales since 2013. Along the way, we've weighed hundreds of eggs, over 20 pounds of cheese, 16 cans of chili and 16 jugs of milk to see how accurate each model is. Below you'll find our testing story, in-depth reviews and our recommendations for the top food scales.

Most Measurement Units

Ozeri Touch II

Ozeri Touch II

Very accurate
Large weighing surface
More units of measurement than most scales
Other scales have larger numbers
Bigger and heavier than some competitors
Comparatively short warranty

The Ozeri Touch II is accurate and easy to use, among other things. For instance, it has a large platform, so you can weigh big items.

The Touch II also has a bigger selection of units of measurement than most kitchen scales, displaying weight in grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces and milliliters.

In addition, it can handle more weight than most of its competition – up to 18 pounds. You may never need to weigh food that heavy, but it is nice to have the option. Like most food scales, the Touch II has a tare feature that subtracts the weight of the container you’re weighing in so you get the true weight of the ingredients.

The numbers on the scale’s display are bright, easy to read and relatively large, though a few scales have even larger numbers. It is a relatively lightweight and compact model, especially considering all the features it has and the size of its platform.

A food scale is a small investment, but it is still nice to have a good warranty backing it up. Ozeri includes a shorter warranty on the Touch II than some other manufacturers provide with their scales.

Best Value

EatSmart Precision Pro

EatSmart Precision Pro

Easy to move and store
11-pound maximum weight capacity
Small weighing platform
Display fades

The EatSmart Precision Pro is an inexpensive, compact food scale with enough features to make it a good value for the price.

It was one of several scales to earn a perfect score in our accuracy tests, and it can display weight in several units of measurement: ounces, grams, pounds and kilograms.

This EatSmart scale also dominated our consistency tests, displaying the correct weight no matter where we placed food on its platform. That cannot be said of many of the Precision Pro’s competitors.

Its large, backlit display is easy to read, at least at first. During testing, the display gradually faded, and putting in fresh batteries didn’t fix the problem.

Since the scale is small, there are limits to what you can weigh – it only goes up to 11 pounds. At less than 20 square inches, its total weighing area is also small compared to most. More substantial food scales have platforms of more than 65 square inches. Still, the Precision Pro is big enough for most home cooking, especially if put ingredients in a container. And you can use the tare button to zero out the container’s weight.

Best Extras

OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips

Pullout display
Large measuring platform
Accurate and consistent
Heaviest scale we tested
Weight displays in fractions not decimals
11-pound maximum weight capacity

The OXO Good Grips scale performed well in our tests, earning a perfect score for accuracy.

It also received a near-perfect score in our consistency tests – it displays the same weight not matter where you place food on the weighing platform.

This scale’s standout feature is its pullout display. If you’re measuring in a large bowl and it’s obstructing your view, you can pull the display out on its cord to see. The display has large numbers that are easy to read.

The scale also has a large, roughly 64-square-inch weighing platform, so it fits just about any ingredient. The OXO Good Grips’ sleek stainless steel finish look nice enough you can leave the scale out on the counter.

One of this kitchen scale’s drawbacks is it displays weight in fractions rather than decimals. Also, its maximum weight is only 11 pounds – that's enough for most recipes, but some competing units can weigh items up to 18 pounds.

Most Portable

American Weigh Blade BL-1KG-BLK

American Weigh Blade BL-1KG-BLK

You can carry this diminutive scale in your purse or even a good-sized pocket.
It can weigh items up to only 2.2 pounds (1,000 grams).

The American Weigh Blade BL-1KG-BLK food scale is a handy little device, so small that you can tuck it into a purse or the pocket of a backpack, laptop bag or brief case. It measures roughly 9x9x1 inches in size, so it could even fit into a good-sized pocket on your clothing.

If you need to lose weight or watch food portions for other health reasons, this mini scale is an excellent choice. The weighing platform is small, measuring only 2.7 x 2.7 inches, and the device can measure up to just 2.2 pounds. However, for most consumers concerned about individual servings, that is plenty. The device has a backlit pop-out display that shows the weight. You get a plastic lid that can be flipped over to serve as a tray. The scale comes with a carrying case, runs on two AAA batteries and offers a 10-year warranty.

Other Food Scales We Tested

  • Ozeri Pro II Digital: This food scale performed flawlessly in our accuracy tests, and it consistently displayed the correct weight, no matter where we placed items on its platform. It can weigh ingredients as light as 0.05 ounces and as heavy as 11 pounds. That isn’t the highest weight capacity we saw, but it is more than enough to weigh the ingredients for a typical homemade meal. Read our full in-depth review: Ozeri Pro II Digital
  • MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale: This scale is 100 percent accurate when items are weighed directly in the center, but there were some weight discrepancies when we weighed items toward the corners of the scale. It didn’t display inaccurate weights every time we placed items on different parts of the scale, but it happened often enough that the MIRA's score dropped. It also can't display measurements in fluid ounces.Read our full in-depth review: MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale
  • EatSmart Precision Elite: The high weight capacity and large platform make this kitchen scale a good option if you often cook big meals. Unfortunately, the EatSmart Precision Elite does not display measurements in fluid ounces or milliliters. It did score high marks in our consistency tests.Read our full in-depth review: EatSmart Precision Elite
  • Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale: This scale has a thick, arched base and an elegant glass platform. In our tests, the Epicurean earned nearly perfect scores for accuracy and consistency. However, it displays weights in fewer units of measurement than other kitchen scales we reviewed.Read our full in-depth review: Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale
  • WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale: This digital food scale is basic, difficult to use and not as accurate as other models we tested. It often feels wobbly, and the weighing platform comes off quite easily and exposes the scale’s inner workings. We don't recommend this kitchen scale as there are better, comparably priced models that work better.Read our full in-depth review: WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale

Why Trust Us? 

We've been reviewing food scales since 2013 and have spent more than 180 hours researching and testing them. We read reviews and scoured blogs written by cooks and diet experts to understand what the most important features are. We then tested the best models on the market.

How We Tested 

For our accuracy test, we weighed a single egg, a half-dozen eggs, a cheese block, milk and some chili on each scale multiple times. We then compared the scale’s weight readouts to those we established by weighing the items on our laboratory scale. During this test, we placed each item in the middle of the scale’s weighing platform. The closer the scale came to the weight from our lab scale, the better its accuracy score.

In our consistency test, we weighed those same items multiple times, but we placed them off-center in different spots on the weighing platform. If the scale showed inconsistencies – for example, if an item weighed more in the center than in a corner – it earned a lower score. Consistency is important when you weigh foods that are an uneven size such as a raw chicken breasts. An inconsistent food scale may give you the wrong weight if it doesn’t measure correctly where you place the thick or thin end. This could lead to overcooking or undercooking your food.

We also considered the scales’ specifications and features, including maximum capacity, surface size and available units of measurement. All these factors influence how convenient a scale is to use.

What Experts Have To Say

Serious food fans and cooks swear by food scales because weighing ingredients produces better results than using measuring spoons and measuring cups. Food Network star Alton Brown is one advocate of digital kitchen scales. Many foods cannot be correctly measured by volume alone, but you can get accurate measurements if you weigh them, according to Brown.

"Consider a cup of all-purpose flour. Depending on who's doing the scooping, the age of flour, the size of the bag, the relative humidity, it could weigh between four and six ounces -- the difference between success and failure of a recipe," Brown says. "You've got to have a scale."

Melissa Clark, cookbook author and staff writer for the New York Times, said in an article titled "Our Favorite Gadgets" that her food scale is an indispensable part of her food preparation for many reasons.

"Pastry chefs love kitchen scales for their precision; using weight instead of volume gives you more exact measurements and more consistent results," Clark said. "But the real reason I love my kitchen scale is its convenience. Using the scale and one bowl to hold what I’m weighing instead of a stack of measuring cups and spoons means eliminating the trail of white dust left behind when transferring flour, sugar and salt from cup or spoon to bowl."

How Much Do Food Scales Cost?

You can buy a good-quality, accurate food scale for under $15, though some models cost as much as $50 or more. However, a high price tag doesn’t guarantee excellence – there are many fine food scales with excellent features and modest prices.

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Food Scale

A good scale can make your life easier with features like a large weighing area and high weight capacity because you can use it to weigh anything you need. You should also look for a scale with a tare feature so you can weigh ingredients in containers.

Design features may seem minor, but they can set one scale apart from another. Look for a large display and check the scale’s dimensions so you know it fits in your kitchen.

Units of Measurement
We looked for scales that can display weight in grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces and milliliters. None of them show all six measurements, and it’s worth it to look for a scale that has the units you use most. The scale should also make it easy to switch from one unit to another.

ProductPriceOverall RatingPriceUsabilityDesign & WarrantyMeasurement UnitsMSRPAmazon Price*Accuracy ScoreMaximum Weight (pounds)Graduation (ounces)Total Weighing Area (square inches)Unit ConversionConsistency ScoreWarrantyDisplayDigit SizeTouch InterfaceAutomatic ShutoffPower SourceLow Battery IndicatorWeight of Scale (pounds)Pounds KilogramsOuncesGramsFluid Ounces Milliliter
Ozeri Touch IIView Deal5/54.754.45$24.99$24.951180.1540.721 YearLCDLarge3 MinutesCR2032 (x2)1
EatSmart PrecisionProView Deal4.5/$36.95$19.950.92110.0519.6312 YearsLCDLarge3 MinutesAAA (x2)0.625
Ozeri Pro II DigitalView Deal4.5/$49.99$16.721120.0519.630.721 YearLCDLarge3 MinutesAAA (x2)0.7
OXO Food ScaleView Deal4.5/$49.99$49.951110.0563.450.961 YearLCDLarge2 MinutesAAA (x4)2.5
American Weigh BladeView Deal4.5/554.34.92.5$24.95$9.0012.20.015.412 YearsLCDSmall1 MinuteAAA (x2)0.3
MIRA Digital Kitchen ScaleView Deal4.5/$54.99$17.951110.1420.962 YearsLCDMedium1 MinuteCR2032 (x1)1.4
EatSmart Precision EliteView Deal4.5/54.54.754.4$59.95$36.951150.0565.620.682 YearsLCDLarge3 MinutesAAA (x4)1.9
Epicurean Digital Kitchen ScaleView Deal4/$99.99$19.951180.0535.780.841 YearLEDMedium2 MinutesAAA (x4)2
WeighMax Digital Kitchen ScaleView Deal4/54.834.84.4$29.99$12.860.884.40.119.6313 YearsLCDSmall1.5 MinutesAA (x4)0.8