Best Lawn Edger

Best lawn edgers
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Here are the best lawn edgers on the market right now. Tending to your lawn doesn’t end by cutting the grass. Use a lawn edger to achieve a professional, clean-cut finish by cutting overhanging grass and tidying up flowerbeds. A good lawn edger can also help improve your grass’s overall health by creating a definite edge to let excess water runoff.

Best overall

Best lawn edgers

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Draper 88797 Lawn Edger

No strain

This lawn edger relies on your own strength to power it making it a good eco-friendly choice. It has a comfort grip handle so you can don’t need to exert too much force to work it into the ground. The pointed end cuts through tough grass and soil to give you a straight and deep trench border along your lawn and garden edges, while the foot holds lets you comfortable use a little more force when needed. The total height of the Draper edger is 91.2 cm, so you don’t need to hunch over or hurt your back as you work.

Best electric edger

WORX WG163E.2 Cordless Trimmer

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WORX WG163E.2 Cordless Trimmer

Cordless, battery-powered

The WORX WG163E.3 trimmer quickly trims edges and creates perfect borders along lawns and garden areas. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to use this machine because it is battery-powered and gets the job really fast. The handle is adjustable and the dual handles make it comfortable to handle while also giving you a firm grip on the edger. This border edger can also be used as a grass trimmer by simply adjusting the angle of the blade.

Best handheld edger

Best lawn edgers

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Spear & Jackson 4900RSS Edging Shears

Comfortable grips

This lawn edger uses unique angled scissor blades to shear grass and debris away to create beautiful, straight edges around your garden and lawn. The handles are high enough to give you a good grip and force behind each cut without putting unnecessary strain on your back, shoulders or arms. The handles are also covered with comfortable grips so your hands don’t slip. The Spear & Jackson lawn edger has lacquered blades that won’t rust and will help them last a long time, even with continued use.

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Lawn edgers come in so many different designs, so it’s important to consider exactly what you need before you buy one. One thing to consider is the size of your yard and where you need to edge your lawn. If you don’t need to do much edging, a manual edger, like the Draper, or the Spear & Jackson will likely handle it. But if you have a much larger garden, you may need something a little tougher. The WORX MAX is the best when you need a lot of power to tackle a big job because it is electric. This will get all your border edging done quickly. But if you'd like something a little more eco-friendly, then Popamazing edger is the way to go. It’s blade rotates to create straight edges without a lot of elbow grease.

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