The Beurer TL30 improved the quality of our sleep after just one week of use

The Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp is designed to alleviate SAD symptoms and improve your mood during the winter. We put this claim to the test.

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.
(Image: © Yasmin Rufo.)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Beurer TL30 is a small and compact product that emits 10,000 lux, but it lacks any additional features that higher-end therapy lamps have.


  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Can be used vertically and horizontally

  • +

    Lightweight and portable


  • -

    Only one brightness setting

  • -

    No additional features

  • -

    No timer

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The TL30 Therapy Lamp is a certified medical device that claims to alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). During darker months, low exposure to natural light can impact mood, energy and hormonal balances. To combat this, SAD sufferers can use one of the best light therapy lamps - lamps that emit light to increase serotonin levels and make people feel happier. 

Beurer TL30: Key specs

Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.72 inches
Weight: 1.74 lbs
Power: 10,000 lux
Warranty: 3 years
Battery life: Plugged into mains
Certified medical device: Yes
Color/brightness settings: White
Controls: On/Off button
Smart features: No
Additional features: None 

The TL30 has a 10,000 lux output, and doctors suggest that just 30 minutes a day of using the product can help compensate for the lack of light in the winter. The nifty gadget can also help regulate your circadian rhythm, which makes waking up and going to sleep easier.

Daylight therapy lamps can be used at any time throughout the day, but if you struggle with getting up in the morning when it’s dark, one of the best sunrise alarm clocks can help.

The TL30 is a lightweight, compact, and portable lamp that can be placed anywhere in the house. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically using the green clip band that attaches to the screen.

In this review, we put the light therapy lamp to the test by using it for over a week every day to see if it helped improve our mood. We also looked at whether this is the best product on the market to improve SAD symptoms.

Note: Symptoms of SAD vary from person to person, and what might be useful for you might not work for others. This review is not medical advice - if you need treatment or information, speak to a medical professional.

Beurer TL30: Design and build

  • Compact and sleek design makes it highly portable
  • Well built and durable
  • Simple to use

The TL30 is an easy-to-use device that, despite its light weight and sleekness, seems well-built and robust. The therapy lamp is a similar size and weight to an iPad and looks remarkably like one in its design - it has a thin white border around the main light and a small on/off button at the top. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing product, but given its small size, it’s relatively discreet when placed on a desk or bedside table. 

As there is only one button to turn the device on and one charging port at the back, it’s incredibly easy to set up, and there are instructions to follow to do so. However, it does take some time to adjust to the bright light and figure out where to place it for optimum effect. 

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.

(Image credit: Yasmin Rufo.)

Beurer TL30: Features

  • Single on/off button
  • Works when plugged into a socket
  • Medically certified to help 

The TL30 has no additional features other than an on/off button. Given the price, we thought there would be some brightness settings, a timer or a smart/voice-controlled aspect. 

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.

(Image credit: Yasmin Rufo.)

We believe the product works best on a desk and would suit someone who works from home or spends a lot of time indoors, as the bright light does help improve mood and regulate hormones. It also works well on a bedside table and can be used in the evenings for a period of 30 minutes.

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.

(Image credit: Yasmin Rufo.)

We found the green clip that comes with the light very useful as it can be clipped on any side of the product, meaning you can use it horizontally and vertically. The light’s 45-degree angle, however, is not adjustable. 

As the device requires a socket to work, there’s no concern over low battery or the need to recharge it. The lead that comes with the lamp is of decent length, so you won’t have to worry about where to place it.

Beurer TL30: Performance

The small size of the light lamp means it's very portable and easy to carry around to work or whilst travelling. However, the light only works once it's plugged into the mains, so you can only use the device if you are near a plug socket. This slightly reduces its on-the-go usefulness. 

We used the product for 30 minutes at the same time every day (4 pm) for a week. We placed it on our desk at a distance of about 4 inches from us. Overall, we found that the product does work in regulating modes and improving sleep cycles, especially helping us to fall asleep. Using it in the afternoon was the best time, and it worked particularly well on days we spent less time outdoors or working in more dimly lit rooms. 

There are no additional settings other than the on/off button. Although this isn't a major issue, it would have been nice to select the brightness as it was slightly uncomfortable towards the end of the 30 minutes, given how strong the light is. 

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.

(Image credit: Yasmin Rufo.)

Beurer TL30: Price

  • $78 / £69.99 RRP

The TL30 retails for $78 / £69.99 and is available to buy at a range of department stores such as and Walmart. It is currently on sale for $37 at and available for about £50 at UK retailers. 

The TL30 is in the mid-range price tier but isn’t great value for money as it doesn’t have any features such as light settings or timer functions that other similarly priced products do. 

There’s a three-year warranty that covers any technical faults or issues. Amazon offers an extended warranty of up to three years on the lamp. 

Beurer TL30: User reviews

Reviews for the TL30 are generally positive, and the item had a 4.5-star rating out of 5 on Amazon at the time of writing. Many people have commented on how impressed they were with the effectiveness of the light given its small size. 

One reviewer said: “I was skeptical that such a tiny lamp could be any good, but I'm happy to have been proved wrong - it's so dinky, it's easy to whip out and switch on anywhere there's a plug socket”. Others commented on how the light therapy lamp helped improve SAD symptoms quickly. “I feel much more active and energized since she started using it just 4 days ago!”, wrote one reviewer. 

The main downfall of the product, according to people who have purchased it, is the lack of additional features. Many reviews on Amazon mention that the light is quite basic compared to others on the market and “doesn’t offer good value for money”. 

Image shows the Beurer TL30 daylight therapy lamp.

(Image credit: Yasmin Rufo.)

Should you buy the Beurer TL30?

If you’re looking for a simple certified medical device that is small and portable, then Beurer’s TL30 is a good buy. However, comparable slightly cheaper products include features such as a timer and adjustable light settings. Therefore, the TL30 doesn’t offer that great value for money. 

Beurer has a range of other light therapy lamps that, although more expensive, come with more features. Some different sizes and shapes may be more visually appealing to the user than the TL30.

If this product isn't for you

If the Beurer TL30 doesn’t sound like the right product for you, then these alternative options may be a better fit.  

For those on a budget, the TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp offers great value. It’s a similar design and size to the TL30 but features three light intensity settings and a timer that goes up in increments of 10 minutes.   

If you’re after an aesthetically pleasing and effective light therapy lamp, then the Circadian Optics Lattis will add that extra something to a room. The large floor lamp is well-designed and looks great in a living room or bedroom. There are three brightness settings and the bulb should last around 50,000 hours. The price does reflect the premium quality of the product.  

The most portable lamp we found was the Circadian Optics light, a pocket-sized gadget that can be used everywhere. It’s charged via a USB cable, so it’s great for travelling. The convertible stand means it can be positioned at any angle. It’s less bright than other lights, but at under $20, you can’t go wrong. 

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