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BP MotorClub review

BP MotorClub offers affordable roadside assistance for North American drivers.

BP MotorClub Review
(Image: © BP)

Our Verdict

The BP MotorClub offers three affordable service plans. The offering is well-balanced between roadside services, legal and travel benefits, and even throws in some unusual benefits not commonly offered, like buying assistance and advice when purchasing new vehicles.


  • Three affordable comprehensive plans to choose from
  • First month of membership only costs $1
  • Additional benefits such as advice when buying new vehicles


  • Awful website
  • No app

The BP MotorClub covers drivers of standard cars, SUVs, motorcycles, light trucks, pick-ups, and Recreational Vehicles for the most common roadside emergencies, such as flat tires, running out of fuel, and towing. The service is available in most of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It provides some of the best roadside assistance plans in 2020, and has a remarkably good sign-up offer right now.

Let's address the elephant in the room, right up top... yes, that is the BP MotorClub website, in 2020. No, it isn't a well designed site, and it really doesn't inspire confidence in the service. Looking at sites for the likes of Good Sam Roadside Assistance, and AAA Roadside Assistance, there is a big difference in quality here, despite the fact the BP's service is very good.

BP MotorClub review: What's covered?

Three plans are available: Silver, Premier, and Premier Plus, and the differences between them are minimal. For instance, for the top two plans, drivers get every benefit on offer, and it is only the dollar value of the various situations covered that varies. The Silver plan doesn’t include the Lost Key Return Service or the Trip Interruption Guarantee service, but it gets everything else. 

In addition to roadside support, all plans include a variety of additional vehicle- and travel-related services that can help drivers save money, time, and frustration when handling other travel-related issues. Drivers can get reduced rates when renting vehicles and staying at hotels/motels, travel tools that help when planning trips, and even legal assistance like a guaranteed arrest bond should they get in trouble with the law for a motoring offence. They even offer a post-repair warranty, something not typically found elsewhere.

BP MotorClub is a great choice for drivers on a budget, who are interested in more than just roadside assistance, and who don’t want to use an app to get service.

BP MotorClub review: The fine print

Interested parties who live in California are out of luck: BP MotorClub membership is available in all US states except for California (CA). Towing, which is often a vital component of any roadside assistance program, has limitations. The distances members can be towed to the nearest authorized mechanic vary according to membership level: Silver members get five miles, Premier members get 50 miles, and Premier Plus members get 100 miles. 

Coverage kicks in immediately upon signing up for membership; however, until the member receives their membership card, they must pay for any services used up front and will be reimbursed at a later stage. The RVs covered by The BP MotorClub are only those up to 2,000 pounds; the only service the BP MotorClub offers to RVs heavier than 2,000 pounds are jump starts and fuel deliveries. No boats or trailers are covered on any of the tiers.

The differences between The BP MotorClub’s three plans are minimal, and the services are comprehensive, so the Silver option offers a great deal of value for travelers on a budget.

BP MotorClub review: Costs and ease of use

Key info

Application process: Membership required
Packages and costs: Three packages: Silver $6.65pm, Premium $8.99pm, and Premium Plus $9.99pm
24/7 recovery: Yes
Is there an app for that? No

There are three packages to choose from: Silver is $6.65pm, Premium is $8.99pm, and Premium Plus is $9.99pm. Fees are easy to budget for and charged monthly.

Contact information is easy to find on the website, and they even make it easy for hearing-impaired customers to reach them with a teletype service. However, there is no app, making using the service a little less convenient than others. Non-emergency customer service is also only available during business hours, Monday to Friday.

BP MotorClub: Customer reviews and accessibility

The official BP MotorClub website design aesthetic is outdated, and it’s quite embarrassing for such a large company. Reviews of BP MotorClub could not be found on, the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and is only mentioned (not reviewed) on Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau website has trouble distinguishing BP Motor World from BP America, Inc. 

The most meaningful review found online is on, a site that offers “Objective guidance on senior products and services”. 

The Grandfolks review gave the service a 7.4 “Grand Score” and an “8.6 User Score”, indicating positive impressions of the service from both the reviewer and the site’s readers. The review praised the service’s overall value and low pricing but criticised the lack of medical or age-specific assistance options.

Should you choose BP MotorClub?

BP MotorClub is a membership only roadside assistance service that includes a solid range of packages and offerings within decent pricing limits. The site is outdated and difficult to navigate, making it difficult to find information and drill down into offer specifications, but the company is well-known and delivers a market-relevant offering.