Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker review

The Cuisinart CBK-100 bread machine is loud, large and sturdy. It offers many settings, including options for those on a gluten-free diet.

Cuisinart CBK-100 Review
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This high-end bread maker


  • +

    Gluten free setting

  • +

    Backup feature works after a power failure

  • +

    12 settings and loaves up to two pounds


  • -

    Loud alarm could be distracting

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The Cuisinart CBK-100 is an automatic bread maker that invokes a factory quality feeling. The bread machine is loud, large and sturdy. It offers many settings, including options for those on a gluten-free diet. It also has a unique backup feature that makes sure you still get perfectly cooked bread even after a power failure.

Cuisinart CBK-100: What you need to know

This bread making machine has 12 preprogrammed menu options, including three crust settings. The loaf size can vary from one pound up to two pounds per cooking cycle. If you need a slightly larger capacity, check out the Breville BBM800XL. There is also a 13-hour time delay option if you want fresh bread when you wake up in the morning. You can even set the Cuisinart CBK-100 to make jam and chutneys for spreading on the bread once it’s ready.

The design of the bread maker requires a lot of space. It’s 18 inches long and has a height of 15 inches. The outer shell is made of thick, stainless steel and black plastic, with convenient carrying handles on the side. You’ll definitely use the handles – the unit weighs close to 20 pounds. You place the ingredients in a hinged lid on top and it drops the mix into an interior cooking pan.

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Though it is large, it does make the horizontal loaves you’re used to buying at the supermarket instead of square loaves. The Cuisinart CBK-100 has a nice viewing window to check the progress of the bread and a user-friendly LCD display. The display is on the top of the tall unit, though, making it hard for you to find a good reading angle.

One in approximately 100 people has a gluten allergy, and the Cuisinart CBK-100 has a convenient gluten-free cooking setting on the bread maker. When baking gluten-free bread, it’s best not to over-mix or over-knead the dough, and the Cuisinart setting takes this into account. You should be aware though that when using the setting, the cooking time will be much longer than normal.

Should you buy the Cuisinart CBK-100?

One concern with the Cuisinart CBK-100 is the way the bread maker alerts you when it’s time to take out the paddle when the kneading cycle is done. The unit produces a loud beep, and there is no way to silence it or reduce the volume until you remove the paddle. It won’t be a problem if you’re cooking during the day, but it's annoying if you cook your bread at night.

If you have the room, the Cuisinart CBK-100 is a solid bread maker at a mid-range price that offers many settings. The construction is solid, and the normal, horizontal loaves are perfect if you’re making sandwiches or toast.

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