Can you use your iPad as an eReader?

Can you use your iPad as an eReader?
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Apple’s iPads have been the cream of the tablet crop for a while, and when it comes to gaming, streaming movies, digital artwork or even using them as a work device,  they just get better and better. They easily top our list of the best tablets right now. Despite all that, you may be wondering - can you use your iPad as an eReader?

While there are some fantastic options out there for dedicated Kindle eReaders, the versatility (larger screens) of Apple’s tablet range makes them an attractive proposition - especially if you already own one. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to get started, too. We’ll show you how.

Don't forget that you can also use the iPad for audiobooks too, and we have a list of the best audiobook services to help you discover more reading.

Using the iPad as an eReader for books 

As you’d imagine with the app store, there are plenty of options to find your next page-turner on the iPad - and many will also work on your phone, too, if you can deal with the smaller screen size.

The first option, iBooks, is as the name suggests Apple’s own reader. It offers multiple font sizes, the option to add notations (ideal for educational purposes), and it works with your iCloud account to sync your position across all devices including Mac and iPhone - because bookmarks are so last century.

Next up, Amazon’s own Kindle app on the iPad offers not only a huge collection of books to read, but plenty of audiobooks, too. It offers pretty much all of the benefits of Apple’s iBooks, but it has a better search functionality - which makes it ideal for tracking across all of those free samples you’ve redeemed, or the huge library you may have grown.

Google Play Books is much the same deal, which is ideal for anyone that’s bought a load of books on Google’s store before jumping ship to Apple.

Finally, there’s Scribd, which prides itself on being an ‘all you can read’ buffet of literary proportions. There are books, magazines, newspapers and more (including audio books), and if you’re able to get your $10 a month out of it then it could be just the app for you. 

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Using the iPad as an eReader for magazines

If you’re less inclined to read a traditional book but often find yourself picking up a magazine here and there, there are some great options on offer on the App Store.

Aside from the aforementioned Scribd, Readly offers over 2000 magazines for a $9.99 monthly fee, with new releases and back catalog options available. They’re optimized for mobile, but perhaps its biggest boon is the including of Family Sharing, meaning you can share your subscription across 5 different users.

If you thought to yourself “well, 2000 magazines doesn’t sound like that much”, then perhaps Issuu is more your speed. Issuu offers over thirty million publications across all different topics and in more than thirty languages, and will recommend new pages for you based on what it’s seen you read. It’s pricey, though, with membership options beginning at a free tier and rising to a three-user plan at $40 per month. 

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Using the iPad as an eReader for comics 

Whether it’s the latest goings-on with superheroes or a classic trade paperback, digital comics are all the rage, making previously tough to find battles and origin stories much more accessible to all.

Amazon-owned Comixology is one of the best options out there, supported by Marvel, DC, Image, and plenty of other publishers. While it lacks an import option, pages animate smoothly from one scene to the next, and it’ll generate recommendations on what you’ve enjoyed. Plenty of issues are included in the $5.99 a month Unlimited plan, but many need to be purchased a la carte.

If you’re focused on the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, then the Marvel Unlimited app could be for you. With a $9.99 monthly fee, you get access to 20,000 comics, including iconic stories and characters. 

Want more? You can use any of the best smartphones as eReaders, and you can access most digital reading content on any of the best home computers too.

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