The TrendNet 5-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch is a green Ethernet switch meant to help businesses and home users improve their internet speeds while using less energy, thanks to its green, eco-friendly design.

This five-port switch is made with GREENnet technology that, according to the company, reduces power consumption by as much as 70%. This technology is designed to help automatically adjust power voltage as needed so no extra, unnecessary energy is used and so the device goes into idle, power-saving mode when no devices are trying to connect.

This switch features a plug-and-play design, with an individual on/off switch, similar to the Buffalo Technology BSGS2008. This means you do not need to use any software to get started; the switch starts working immediately once you connect it. The actual switch is compact and features a durable metal exterior. It is small enough to be placed directly on a desktop or can be mounted on the wall.

This switch supports jumbo frames and is designed to help send larger data packets for increased speed and performance, even during high-traffic times. This switch also has a 10 Gbps switching capacity that allows it to send data to the correct ports as needed to boost efficiency and speed. Data transfer rates with this switch can reach as high as 2000 Mbps when it is in Full-Duplex mode.

This Ethernet switch features five LED light indicators on the front of the device as well as five different Ethernet ports on the back of the switch. If you want to mount this device, the positioning of the indicator lights and the Ethernet switches may not make mounting the device convenient. The Cisco SG100D-08P-NA offers a better design if you want a mounted device.

Overall, the TrendNet 5-Port Gigabit Switch is a solid switch that can work for both home and professional users. The product is designed to boost internet speeds for companies who need to transfer large data packets and for individual users who need faster online gaming or HDTV streaming speeds, making this a versatile product for all types of users. If you don’t require a switch that has front-facing Ethernet ports, then this compact desktop friendly switch is worth considering.

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