Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger review

The Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger is a powerful model that has six different cutting positions.

Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger review
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The Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger is a powerful machine that is good for larger lawns, but lacks in other areas.


  • +

    Powerful engine

  • +

    Six different cutting positions

  • +

    No need to mix gas and oil


  • -

    Hard to start

  • -

    Not that easy to use

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The Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger is a gas-powered lawn edger that features Easy Start technology and multiple cutting positions. It's ideal if you have a larger space to edge, and is designed to work with larger lawns and more formal gardens. Those with smaller spaces, however, will find other edgers far easier and more effective. If you’re looking for a lightweight lawn edger, check out the Black & Decker LE750 review or read our full round up of the best lawn edgers.

Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger: Features 

This lawn edger is gas-powered which means you won’t need to worry about charging up batteries or making sure you’ve got ample cord length to do the job. You will have to buy gas to power this machine but because of the 4-cycle engine, you won’t need to mix gas and oil. 

Standout features for this lawn edger include the Easy Start technology, which aims to tackle one of the less favorable aspects of a gas-powered lawn edger. At 29.8 lbs, this lawn edger is the heaviest out of all the models we reviewed which will be a problem if you’re looking for something that’s super lightweight. To read about a lightweight edger, check out the EGO POWER+ MEO800 review

The Craftsman lawn edger does benefit from six different cutting positions and the three wheels make this model fairly easy to maneuver too. Its blade is heavy duty and is sturdier than the blades on other models we reviewed as well. 

This model is covered by a two-year limited warranty which is pretty standard, although some models do offer longer warranties for peace of mind. The Craftsman comes with an initial bottle of oil which is handy, but it doesn't have features such as the ability to tip the blade.

What's good about this model however, is that if you do find anything breaks, you can order spare parts including driver belts. The final thing to consider about this lawn edger is that it's walk-behind and not self-propelled, which is worth thinking about when it comes to how heavy it is. 

Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger: User reviews 

Many user reviews mention how easily this lawn edger cuts through grass edges. Although a few mentioned that the edger is better on straight lines than it is on curves and corners. Despite the Easy Start technology a fair amount of user reviews mention that this model is particularly tricky to get started and it’s also very heavy to move around.  This is why we don't recommend it for smaller spaces, which require more precise movement of the edger - it's great when you're going in a straight line, with momentum, but not for stopping and starting.

 Should you buy the Craftsman E405 Lawn Edger? 

The Craftsman provides power and the ease of no cords, however, it is lacking in a few things, such as the ability to start easily, and the parts could be built to a higher standard. It's a heavy item too, and tougher to move, so it isn't as good at doing finer details and smaller edging areas. It's gas powered, which means you don't need to worry about cords, but that does mean you'll need to fuel it up for longer edging sessions. We like the heavier blades in this one - if you have thicker grass and weeds at the edge of your garden, the Craftsman E405 might be a necessity.

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